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I am suffering for soraises for the last 15 years. The rashes appear all over the body including in scalp after a given interval. There is no relation of the spurt in rashes with respect to diet. Please advise remedy.

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I am 31yrs old & suffering form soraisis for the 2yrs.These r on my both arms,left leg & my head.
PLZ give me advise of this problam

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i am suffering for soraisis fof the last 5 years. The rashes appear whole body including arms, leg etc also in scalps. i am using scalp shampoo called NAZURAL & oil for body massage. but no more progress.

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Iam 28 yrs old &suffering from soraisis skine diseases for the 8 yrs. these r on my both erms,both legs & my head.PLZ give me advise of thise problem.

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Iam 28 yrs old &suffering from soraisis skine diseases for the last 8 yrs. these r on my both erms,both legs & my head.PLZ give me advise of thise problem.

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Iam 25yrs old & suffering from soraisis for the last 5 yrs. these r on my head & iam using sebowash shampoo. plz give me advise

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Soraisis form 15 years on food, gaining skin near cracked hills, Itching, dry skin like fish shells comes out

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I am 19 years old. I am suffering from soraises last 8years in my whole boby. Please give me a complete solution please.

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i have soriassis in hands and legs

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I am 22 years old aur ye disease mujhe childhood se hai...plz any one give advice...

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