Skin Color Changing With Gleevec

debbie Says:

i'm african american taking gleevec. This skin coloration started about 2 months ago. I's not listed as side effect, has this happen to anyone else.I'm only 48 this has hit me hard because at the same time i was diagnose with gist my mom died. If this happen to you let me know , it started with my hands now my face to my feet.

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Verwon Says:

How long have you been on the Gleevec?

The reason I'm asking it is due to the fact that it has been known to cause skin pigmentation changes, but usually with long term use, such as when someone has been taking it for a several years.

Learn more Gleevec details here.

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Wendy Says:

Yes, I am African American and many people have stated that I am lighter. I only notice when I take pictures.

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Talutha Says:

Im an African Lady aged 34yrs old. was diagnosed with CML in 2010 September. I was on gleevec in November 2010 after 2 weeks of taking the drug I noticed my skin colour was changing, becoming more lighter en lighter. In 2011 January I was very light the whole body nothing has been left unturned to the extent that im now growing white hair rapidly. I have been on this drug for 4 yrs now and Im still very light. I have learnt how to manage my new skin especially from the sun.

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