Sinucon Dosage Per Day

A de Waal Says:

How many sinucon tabs can a person use per day for the flu?

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Leone Says:

My 3-year-old child took 7 Sinucon pills thinking it was sweets. What do we do and is it dangerous? Should we go to a hospital?

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Kevin Says:

Hello A de Waal,

According to the manufacturer's website the dosage is up to your doctor's recommendation on a case to case basis. If you are uncertain of how much medication you should be administering contact your doctor and they should be able to give you an accurate answer.

Please be cautious to not overdose on this medication, contact your doctor immediately if you start to show symptoms of overdosing. The symptoms of a possible overdosage are as follows.

- dry mouth
- large pupils
- flushing
- nausea
- vomiting

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Mads Says:

hi. I have a little bit of running nose. How many dosage can i take a day?

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