Side Effects Of Omnacortil 10mg

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I am suffering from cough and i used this medicine for five days.But I am not still used.I am a diabetic patient.
Can I continue this medicine?

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Verwon Says:

Omnacrotil contais the active ingredient Prednisolone, this is a type of steroid.

If you have diabetes, it does need to be used with caution, since it can elevate blood sugar levels, so you shouldn't continue using it, without first consulting your doctor.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, water retention and weight gain.

Read more:


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Ashish Vaza Says:

I am suffering of alopecia from last 12 months, my dermatologies prescribe me omnacortil 20 for treatment since it started.
So i think by taking one pill regularly, i have taken up too much dosage till now, but alopecia is not totally cure. but the thing that afraid me much is that is this medicine *(omnacortil20) is having some other serious side effect on critical bodypart like kidney or heart or lungh.
should i have to stop taking it now?

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My wife is suffering from Cervical Spine related problem and shoulder spasm and has been advised Omnacartil 10 mg for 9 days. She is afraid to use it has a steroid content. Will it harm her any way or will there be any side effects of this drug.

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ashish Says:

so these are the only side effects on body by omniocortil20 like weight gain and others as u mensions.
Not any other serious side effects on critical body part like kidney or lunghs or heart.

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Verwon Says:

No, those are not the only side effects it can have. The complete possible side effect list for any medication can be quite large, so I only listed some of the most common and then included the link to the medication monograph. On that page, you can read more of the details on it and its effects.


And almost any medication can have detrimental effects on your organs, if used for a long-period of time. However, using it for about a month or less is not considered long-term use and most people won't experience any problems with it.

When they speak of long-term use of a medication, they are usually referring to people that have been taking it for several years.

If you are still concerned, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about it.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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ashish Says:

thank you very much for your valuable reply...
well i have not use it more that two months so as you said i may not be suffer of any critical side effects of this medicine to my body. So i am feeling quiet relax now.
once again thank you very much for all your reply..

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I am currently having Alergy problem & i am doing Homeopathy. But when the Alergy is sevear i have to take Omnacortil 10 MG. I am taking when it is to sevear. So approx 3 -4 in a month. So what kind of side effect it can have on my body. I don't take this for long.

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Vicky Says:

My father had a pace maker placed in his body due to low pulse rate in 2009. Few days later he started complaining of pain in his hands & legs so we consulted the cardiologist who did the operation. He said that it was nothing to do with pace maker as it was placed properly.

We then consulted a general physician & he suggested to start taking pain killer (Naprosyn) & steroid (Omnacortil). He said that my dad was suffering from collagen disorder & he recommended doses like 2.5/5/10/20 Mg when there is a severe pain.

My dad has been taking steroid since then & has gained a lot of weight with swelling on his face and hands (which are side effects of steroid only). We also consulted a neurologist after recommendation from a general physician suspecting that it is a neurological issue. After getting several tests done it was discovered that there is no nerve blockage. All blood test have been normal along with nerve conduction study.

Test reports indicated minor issue with cervical spine & some vitamin/calcium deficiency.

At this point we have consulted another physician from AIIMS and he recommended to continue dose of steroid since there is no alternate when there is severe pain. Also he mentioned that consumption of steroid cannot be stopped all of a sudden.

At this point the problem has not been diagnosed since all test have been normal. Physician from AIIMS has been suggested to start taking anti-allergic medicine along with a injection twice a week for strenth.

My dad has been lately complaining of stress in the brain, high BP and doctor even said that sugar level can rise with consumption of steroid. What other effects can be seen with this ? How can we avoid taking steroid after knowing the disastrous side effects ?

Can you recommend a physician we can consult & if you have heard of similar situation before ?


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RK Gupta Says:

I am 52 year old male. i was advised to take Omnacortil 40 for about a weeks time during may 2012 for the pain related issue in the bone. this boosted my blood sugger level to 165 (fasting) and 192 (after food). this has dropped down to 102 (fasting) and 134(after food) and HBA1c level 6.3 as on today, in a span of year time.
Could any body advise me how long will it take to come to normal level.

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saranya Says:

my daughter named sudiksha 2 yr old is suffering from nephrotic syndrome, as she is advised from the doctor to take omnacortil 25 mg a day as the edema recovers and the albumin level is nil. so we continued for quite a long time, but still she is not recovered , as she is getting 2 to 3 times of relapse, so when ever she gets relapse we need to start the steroids and stop it. so what all the actual side effects which she will undergo later stage, please brief me about this.

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kranthi Says:

My son aged about 4 yrs took this tablet omnacortil by mistake. What should I need to do in order to avoid any danger.

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vijendra singh gehlot Says:

1 am 46 yrs old,i m kidney transpint patient since sep.2011.BUt now i m suffering from luccoma both eye side knee problem too much .what to do?

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vijendra singh gehlot Says:

1 am 46 yrs old,i m kidney transplant patient since sep.2011.BUt now i m suffering from luccoma both eye side as well as knee problem too much .what to do?

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Tapan Says:

I am 57 year old male. i was advised to taking Omnacortil 10 for about a month time for the swelling in legs. I am suffering from TB under medication from last 2 months.
Now my face is swelling & leg too.
Any one guide me what to do now????

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poonam Says:

I m suffering frm Rheumotoid Arthritis last 10 yrs and i m taking tab omnocortil 10 mg frm last 10 yr . Now i m addicted for medicine if not take medicine i feel nauseated,and heavyness in body ,headache now tell me what to do

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kumar Says:

I've got severe muscles pain and after CSF test doctor has prescribed me omnacortil 40mg OD.. will there be any side effects????

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Rahul Says:

I'm 18 years old and I'm suffering from atopic dermatitis , I'm was prescribed to take omnacortil 20 mg daily once in the evening .I have been taking this medicine since 10 months I'm have gained about 15 kgs weight . Should I continue or can any one give an alternative to my problem

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hiren Says:

I have used omnacortil tab for the last 15 years. Can it have major side effects? I am suffering from albumin problem. My doctor says that albumin goes in urine, so I used this tab for 15 years from advised doctor. Can I use any other treatment for this problem? Please tell me.

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usha Says:

hii i have erythem nodosum so doctor suggested me to take omnacortil 10mg nd my fatt is ganing coz of omnacortil so what shoud i do plz give me solution

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sharad kshirsagar Says:

I am 62 year old, suffering from retina problem. Doctor suggests omnacortil 10mg with omez d first week daily 3, next week daily 2, next week daily1. Is this helpful to me? Any side effects?

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