Side Effects Of Amisulpride Tablets

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hi i'm a 24 yr old woman suffering from tourette's syndrome. i have been on amisulpride ( brand name sulpitac ) for the last 5 months. my dosage is 300 mg daily. it's awonderful drug as compared to haloperidol which i was previously taking.
1) i am a little concerned about the long term side effects of this drug. my spatial ability seems to have been affected. for eg. i keep bumping into people coming from opposite me, furniture n walls. i want to know if this is because of the drug. what r the other side effects that i should expect?
2)second, what r the drugs that i should avoid while on this medication. because with even a simple paracetamol, i become sort of disoriented if i take it with sulpitac.

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p dasgupta Says:

can amisulpride 400mg aday cause convulsion

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kathiravan Says:

I am also using amisulpride 100mg/d.It relieved me from depression and a wonderful medicine which I have to thank my psychiatrist for paving my life in such a happy way.The thing we should do while taking the medicine is to do some more work than regular one.If you want we can discuss more on it.

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