Side Effects From Taking Althea Pills

Syndi Says:

i stopped using Althea on my second pack becoz i can't bear anymore the constant hunger pangs, terrible dizziness, vomiting. And it made my body gained weight fast! It made my boobs much bigger too. Not really worth it, made wary to take other pills tbh. The side effects that i endured esp the dizziness are unbearable. Hopefully new users won't have the same problems i encountered. I am not recommening this pill though.

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Mj Says:

First time ko dn magtake ng althea pills
Tanong ko lang normal ba Yung everyday spotting?? hnd naman ako nahihilo
Nakakamiss n ko siang pack at pang 3 days free pills ko na ngyon.. Reply po kayo salamat

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Mj Says:

Re: Mj (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Correction nakakaisang pack na ko
Natapos ko nung sept.30

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Thia Says:

Yes were same experiencing while taking althea pills its my 2nd day now...and i got headaches and on my first day of using stomach was paining and i feel hunger too..should i continue using of althea pills or should i stop it?

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Verwon Says:

Those can be normal side effects of oral contraceptives, according to NIH reports. You may also experience headache, mood changes, and irregular bleeding.

Thia, whether or not you should stop taking it is entirely up to you and your doctor. It could be that it is just not the right contraceptive for you, so you may need to try a different once.

Has anything changed, or are you still experiencing the same problems?

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Juana Says:

Is Althea pills contraindicated to hypertensive client

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Anj Says:

Hi po firstime ko po gumamit ng althea pills pero naka-ubos na po ako ng isang pack pero d parin ako dinadatnan ok lng po ba un? Natatakot po kc ako eh, at nagpatuloy po ulit ako ng isang pack! Feb kc ako uminom pero March na ngaun d parin ako dinadatnan... One month na ako walang regla...

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