Side Effects For Humira

Mic Says:

I just started Humira in the last 2 weeks and I feel like my allergies are going nuts. My whole body is swelling. After reading some of your side effects this is somewhat normal. Does the swelling of legs, face, etc. go away? I went to the general practitioner to get something for my allergies. She seems to think its my body reacting to the Humira.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mic! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having.

That could be the sign of an allergic reaction to it. It should go away, in a few weeks, however, it most likely means that you shouldn't continue with Humira, as such reactions tend to worsen with repeated exposure.

Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include dizziness, joint aches, headache, confusion and arthritis.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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MIC Says:

Ok so I finally got into the dr. It looks like I am reacting to all of the TNF inhibitors. Has anyone else had this problem? The dr. said that the half life is another month. Every other day I am having the anaphalaxic epidoses. I am taking Benedryl all day and just finished a steroid pack. Sheez louise, this is CRAZY!!!!! I am sure I am not the only one who has had reactions to this class am I?

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Mic Says:

It's July 28th. And my alergic reactions are just now decreasing. However I'm left with a ton of anxiety from this. I wish I hadn't started this medication. It really has messed with my health. Not so much with my Crohns disease but the side effects are horrible.

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Verwon Says:

I am so sorry! Many people have had bad experiences with this medication.

Have things improved, at all?

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MIC Says:

Honestly I have been left with horrible anxiety from the anaphylaxis episodes from Humira. I have lost a ton of hair, gained weight, and more. This is from only from my very FIRST injection. I just wonder why some people that get the injections can get major side effects and then some don't get any.

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Daniel L Says:

I have recrently been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, my doctor is convinced that humira is the best option for treatment. To tell you the truth, I am terrified to use it. All the side effects just don't seem worth it. Any suggestions?

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boo Says:

Humira deadly injections it doesn't help and causes more health problems

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Paul Says:

Why do you say that? what other side effects have you seen? I've been taking Humira injections every 2 weeks from 2012 and it has saved my life! Since my first injection I've been able to work, exercise and have normal life. I wouldn't be able to do most of things without help of Humira.

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Sherry Says:

I just got same diagnosis. I am terrified to start it as I believe my liver does not filter quick enough n meds go toxic in me. Yet Dr stating I could work again, he'll monitor it constantly..but what if one injection takes what life is have left, which is depression..

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Rita Says:

I have been on Humira for psoriasis for a number of years. Never have I heard of Humira causing swelling nor has it been mentioned to me by my Dermatologist. If I were you (I realize I am not) I am in no way stating that I am a qualified physician, or anything of the sort however, I would be immediately stopping the use of Humira at least until you can make an appointment with your Physician, Dermatologist or whomever put you on this Drug. The weird thing about your question is I just watched a Video on someone that was on Humira, she as well had swelling, and honestly when I seen your question it just gave me a negative reaction. Feel free to write me back if you feel the need. I wish you much luck and take care!

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Timothy Says:

I've been on Humira for exactly one year. Started in October 2015 and now we are in October 2016. Nails and rashes from plaque psoriasis are gone. Worked great!

Bad news is that I just came up positive for Latant TB. In just one year, Humira affected my immune system poorly and now I have TB.. I am furious!!!

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Stephany Says:

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and I take an inj. daily of a drug called Keneret. It works well with little side effects. The doctor now would like me to try Humira, because I can inj. every two weeks instead of daily. After reading all the side effects of Humira, I believe I will stick with Keneret.

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Sherry Says:

Our livers all filter differently. I have so many allergies to medications, supplements I will not take Humira I have decided as pain under control. Just no bending or lifting.

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Tim Says:

Your immune system is compromised which will allow allergies to potentially have a greater effect on you. Humira is a strong drug which requires a lot of commitment. It literally wiped out my plaque psoriasis in 6 months. Not even a blemish remains nor any banged up fingernails. However, I did catch Latant TB which now a) puts me off Humira indefinitely and b) on a 4 month Rifampin regime to eliminate the TB bacteria. 2 months now off Humira as a result of this and no Psoriasis signs which is good.

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Marly Says:

I myself have been on Humira for the past 4yrs for psoriasis, fibromyalgia. I at first
was somewhat nervous about taking this needle. However, my head was so bad I couldn't put my hands through without my fingers coming out all blood. I am sincerely serious about it. It only took 3 needles (single) to rid my head of psoriasis. A little longer on my legs and unfortunately my nails still remain with the psoriasis.Other's don't notice my nails but I do, only b/c I was told what to look for.
The only side effect I do get when I take Humira is the following day I am very tired and really do not have any get up and go!! I would say that Humira has been wonderful for myself..

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Marly Says:

Hi There: I did hear about the swelling in the legs, feet and face. I at first thought it
to be a reaction to Humira. Had it been me I realized that so many others had the
same reaction. I guess your body has to get used to what it is fighting, once that
changes, then the Humira can do its work for youl

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John Says:

Has anyone heard of temporal lobe seizures as a side effect of humira or adalimumab? My daughter is taking Humira for Crohn's and it works but she has begun experiencing TLS. Looking for anyone else who may have had this experience.

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Sherry Says:

Cancers including lymphoma, new or worsening heart disease, TB etc etc.
I'm also allergic to Latex & that should be a deal breaker but no Dr pushing the drug.
I'm riddled with auto immune diseases so pretty sure I should not be a candidate.

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Marly Says:

Hi there: As many of you seem to be worried about the side effects. Yes, when you read abt. them you think I'm not taking that. However I have been on Humira for abt..4yrs now and now side effects. However like any of you who first read abt. them it scares you off. It did this to me as well. With any medication there are side effects. This is no different then the Humira, they have to cover themselves but check and see how many people have actually got a side effect compared to those who haven't. With that said, I leave it up to you! You are never forced to take something you do not want. Take care, and if you don't take the Humira I hope whatever is given to you works for you. Best Wishes.

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Sherry Says:

The manufacturer is not protecting themselves. My liver & immune system different than yours & everyone's. I can't take a list of med due to allergies you & others may not have because we are different people. It doesn't matter if successful to a few thousand when thousands have died, gotten TB, cancer, disabled, etc.

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