Side Effects Of Ivabrad 5 Mg

surjit Says:

My wife is suffering from the condition of LVF, chronic heart disease, diabetes and some kidney problem. Can regular use of Ivabrad 5 mg medicine have any side effects relating to an increase in creatinine?

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Verwon Says:

That could be due to this medication, others she may be taking, or it could be related to her diabetes. It's very difficult to determine just from the basic information you've provided in your post.

What has her doctor said was causing it?

Does she take any other medications?

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I had a pacemaker implanted 100 days ago & I am using ivabrad medicine. I'd like to know about the potential side effects I may encounter, if any.

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apendharkar Says:

My husband had angioplasty done last friday and is experiencing symptoms of of copd/asthma due to this ivabrad... suffering from shortness of breath and exhaustion. Thanks for any advice.

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Tom Says:

I am currently taking Metformin 2 pills 2 x per day, Lisinopril 10 mg 1x, gabapentin 600 mg 3x per day and atrovastatin 20 mg 1 x per day, also 81mg aspirin, 1 x per day, along with Vit. B and C and a multi 1 x per day and glucos and condroitin 1 x per day 2 pills, will instaflex advanced affect me in any adverse way.

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mandi Says:

What are the potential side effects of using tablet ivabrad 5 mg daily? My husband has been using this tablet for two months regularly and he is also a diabetic patient. He has been facing stomach problems and general fatigue. Is there any possibility that this is due to the medication?

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