Schedule Ii Norco

Mike B Says:

Is hydrocodone acetaminophen 10 325, a schedule II controlled substance, under current law, 5-2-2014

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BL Says:

Not under Federal Law, but it will be later on this year. Unless you live in New York State, if you do, all hydrocodone combinations meds have been a Schedule II there since February 2013.

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Mike Says:

I live in Oregon, and have been taking Norco (schedule III), and Valium (schedule IV) for a while for back, knee, elbow, etc. pain. My doctor has me come to him monthly for the prescription. I am under the impression that schedule III and schedule IV controlled drugs can be prescribed with refills. Is that true? Am I being ripped off?

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sara Says:

Mike-your doctor is covering his license and preventing addiction for you.

As of this year, I'm fairly sure we ALL will go monthly.

My doctor who is a pain management specialist, has ALWAYS had pain patients monthly.

This prevents you from refilling early then seeking early refills and putting his license in danger.

It's probably better for you both in the long run.

If you're paying cash, you should be paying for a simple office visit and random UA's, every 3-4 months, with blood work every 6 months.

If you can't afford it, ask for a discount program.

Ask at the pharmacy for any cash programs they may have. CVS has good ones.

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BL Says:

Norco will be a Schedule II Oct. 6, 2014.

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BL Says:

Mike, Schedule III & Schedule IV can be refilled. Norco will become a Schedule II Oct. 6, 2014, which means, no refills, it can't be called in and you must see your dr at least once every 90 days. Federal Law states that a dr can write 3-30 days rxs for a Schedule II at a office visit. But, almost all of the Pain Management Drs do have you come in every 30 days. The 3-30 rxs is an option for drs but it does not mean that they have to do it that way.

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