Saturn Logo On Yellow Pill

Spacemonkey Says:

Yellow round pill with line to break in half on one side, and a picture of saturn on the other. My friend says it's winstrol but I can't find a yellow version of this pill online. Any guesses?

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Kevin Says:

Hello Spacemonkey,

Though I wasn't able to find any credible sources there does seem to be a few suspects with similar pill descriptions that may offer clues as to what yours might be based on the imprint. Hopefully the following list can generate some new leads on further search efforts:

Hydroxycut (by iovate)
Tamoxifen / Nolvadex (by AstraZeneca)
Anapolon / Oxymetholone 10mg (by Global Anabolic)

I hope this helps! Please post back if you find out anymore information on them.

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Jenna Says:

Looking for the identity of a bright yellow, round pill, scored on one side & a Saturn logo imprint on the other.

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Waterboy Says:

Did you ever find a definitive answer? I also have run across them and would like to know. I have been told it’s most likely Anavar but since that the most counterfeit…. ???

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