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people who have taken this drug and their feedback

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sue Says:

what side effects did you have from taking saphris.

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Cindy Noren Says:

I have been taking Saphris for over a year and find it very helpful for my bipolar disorder- I have insurance and can't afford it! How does everyone pay for it??? My co-pay is $200.

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Glasgow Says:

Contact the Schering Corporation, most drug companies have programs to help with the cost of the drug.

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donna Says:

I was falling down 'drunk' from the first dose. Literally crawling on hands and knees when it's effect hit me. This was at the lowest dose. While it did interrupt my manic episode after the second dose - taken at my Doctor's direction - I could not tolerate. I am 5'4 and weigh 116lbs. The Doctor called at intervals throughout the day, and saw him the next morning. My daughter drove me to see him as effects from the second dose waned, I was still in no shape to drive and my daughter had to help me into the bldg.

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Mike Says:

I was prescribed Saphris for manic symptoms and it made my tongue numb and swell. I discontinued taking it but my doctor is asking me to see a allergy doctor. What difference does it make for me to see a allergy doctor if the drug swells my tongue?

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Rachel Says:

Positive side effects of SAPHRIS: increased positive thinking sometimes, more mentally alert, decreased appetite and losing weight, just a feeling that my head is kind of not full of clogs, more motivational sometimes....lots of stuff...i can't write all of them down! lol. Negative side effects of SAPHRIS: (i can't list all the neg/pos) certain parts of the body do tremor a lot sometimes. That is pretty much all the bad side effects that i have. One thing. My normal doctor put me on PRIMIDONE 250mg x3 a day=750mg/day. Now my dose is 500mg x3 a day. (Now=1,500mg/day.) That takes quite a bit of the tremors away.. PRIMIDONE is a "anti-convulsant" which means it is used for seizures and stuff like that. But, it is probably the best medication i have ever been on for tremors. Also, a huge thing it helps is my moods, sleep & anxiety. If anyone else wants to write me back...feel free. I am also on DEPAKOTE, LITHIUM, LAMICTAL, SAPHRIS, SEROUQUEL, RISPERDAL, CLONIDINE, ORPHENADRINE, OMEPRAZOLE & PRIMIDONE. Thanks! My email {edited for privacy}.

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