Sandoz Omeprazole Compared To My Previous Manufacturer

dave Says:

I take 20mg twice a day for reflux/gerd, in my 3rd month and scheduled to reduce to once a day and then as needed by september. Originally my first 2 scripts were filled w white and yellow brand pill, my most recent was Sandoz brand - my pharmacy switched to this brand. Like some of the other posters I don't feel it is nearly as effective, my reflux is returning, and more frequently. I had zero problems before now it's like I am 10-15 days into my treatment. Also had a very strange oral reaction, maybe unrelated about 4-5 days after changing to this brand. But that med change is the only dietary or otherwise change I have made. Any insight appreciated

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dave! How are you?

What was the oral reaction you had?

What are the markings on the pill you currently have? That will enable to me to double check the information on it for you.

What types of foods do you eat? Do you drink alcohol?

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david Says:

APOTEX AP0 040 color faint pink/dirty pink

SANDOZ OME 040 tan/white

no lot numbers on bottles

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