Sambong Releaf Forte Safe For Pregnant Woman

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I am pregnant and I have UTI my doctor says i am resistant already to many antibiotics and she prescribed me a vial one and aside that its expensive I'm afraid it might affect my baby,i want to medicate myself in herbal ways,Is Sambong re-leaf forte safe for pregnant?

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Verwon Says:

Well, when you are pregnant, it is really safest to follow your doctor's advice and instructions.

Sambong is an herbal supplement, that means the side effects and possible effects on a fetus have no been studied and are unknown.

What has your doctor suggested you use?

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rowena Says:

is herbal medicine like lagundi safe for pregnant women?

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rowena Says:

my doctor suggested to take an ascobic acid...

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Verwon Says:

Rowena, as I said, herbal products are not medicines, so the side effects profiles and safety during pregnancy have not been studied.

That is why it is always best to consult with your doctor, before using something.

I am also not certain what your doctor expects Abcorbic Acid to do for a UTI.


Anything else I can help with?

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ellaine joy Says:

I had painful urination with bleeding on March 13, 2012. I took sambong re-leaf forte 2 tabs three times a day. The pain and bleeding were gone soon after I took sambong tablet for one day..I continued taking it for 3 days. My last menstrual period is Feb 20, 2012. I do not know that I am pregnant when I took sambong. I just found out that I am pregnant last April 5, 2012..
What will be the possible effect to my child?

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aram Says:

Hi, we have the same problem. So how's the baby?

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lyn Says:

you dont need to worry because its safe..

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daiwilyn Says:

I take sambong tea . But i dont know yet if i ptegnant. Is safe for ptegnant if i take sambong tea?

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pregy Says:

Ascorbic acid is good for UTI because vitamin c helps to fight bacteria in our body.. Sambong is not good in pregnant because this kind of herbal is bitter that may cause miscarriage.

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shiri Says:

Im 3 months tummy contracts what should i do to relieve the pain

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swinggg Says:

some medicine to have my menstruation back im 15 days delayed. Not pregnant

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mhidz Says:

hi aim 7 months pregnant I drink sambong 3glass i fell pain in the abdomen and swelling.Sambong is safe or not. thanks

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Nica Says:

I drink 6 tablets of sambong 1 month og my pregnacy i got a blood just a spot . Once is my baby affected with that .

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Cecelia Says:

Sambong leaves are good for the pregnant people..
I have mild uti , I did not take a medicine..
Thank you...

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Jehnjehn Says:

Re: Cecelia (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

It is prescribed by ur ob gyne? Hope u reply asap.. thanks

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Kate Says:

Are sambong tablets/capsules safe to take during pregnancy?

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Isshi ki Says:

Take cranberries not sambong. Sambong is not safe for pregnancy.

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