Roxicodone 10mg

Angie Says:

I was given Percocet 10/325 when discharged from the ER for a bulging disc resulting in BIG paun. (Continuing back problems~ degenerative disc disease, old horseback riding injury, etc.) The Neurosurgeon changed my pain med to Roxicodone (oxycodone hcr on bottle) 10 mg. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT getting the same relief from this medication. Can you tell me why? Same stuff only no acetaminophen in Roxicodone right? I am back on the pain train and want to know why.

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MilfMagnet Says:

Dude, Roxies are the best form of Oxycodone. Be sure you get the name brand, not generic, if you have insurance. Also, their potency decreases the longer they've been on the shelf. If you are in pain round the clock, get OxyContin or MS Contin.

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Christine Says:

It's the same! Have you ever thought that Acedeminephen is also alleviating your pain? It's also very dangerous in high doses~Skin disease is a major side effect! Take the new meds and take a couple Tylenol or Motrin with it~It should relieve your pain just like the 10/325s did! It could all be in your head as well if your getting a high from the first one, but not the latest! Doctors are getting away from these because Acedeminephen is causing all kinds of problems especially if it's abused along with pain meds!

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karen Says:

christine just to let you know acetaminophen is the generic name for Tylenol?

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Charlie Says:

Check the manufacturer. If your Oxycodone is made by Mallinckrodt, that is probably the issue. Mallinckrodt (MLK) manufactures the generics. There are 'inactive' ingredients in all generics that are different from the name brand. Companies that mfg generics do not have to use the same 'inactive' ingredients, so they are all different. I ran into this issue a few weeks ago and started doing massive research. There are so many complaints about Mallinckrodt it's unreal. AND - the 10mg and 20mg information on the inactive ingredients used by MLK is nowhere to be found. They have the information on their 5mg, 15mg, and 30mg however. Every other mfg of this product has the information listed on various websites. As I started this research, I realized that all of the products I had reactions to were likely MLK. This is because I would be fine taking one brand, but if the pharmacy switched manufacturers, and I took the medication, it was almost worthless. I had no clue for years why this was the case. So... look on your prescription bottle and see who manufactures it. If it's MLK - THAT is the reason it doesn't work. Just my thoughts based on my experiences. Good luck!

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Angie Says:

I can assure you, getting high is not my goal. I would just like to walk without pain. Thats part of the problem. People who are REALLY hurting are looked at like drug addicts, as demonstrated by your reply.

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Christine Says:

I do know that's~That's why I said to take it with the new med~It's the same ingredients as the old one

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Becky Says:

I totally agree with you Angie. People who are truly in pain and have a diagnosis can't even get something good for pain. On the other hand people who go in and fake medical issues come out with prescriptions for the best meds out there! I have been down with back, can't hardly move, walk, cook, clean for my family for over a week now. I was put on diclofenac and it hasn't done anything for pain. I'm not sleeping and crying constantly. I've gotta wait for MRI to be approved by ins before getting any relief. My Xrays alone showed that I have Degenerative Disc Disease, L5-S1. It's just not right that when the proof is right there in front of them and you still can't get any pain meds.

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