Round Yellow Pill, Scored On Back, K Inside Triangle On Front Side. Any Clue?

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round yellow pill, scored on back, K inside triangle on front side. Any clue?

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Pdiddiy Says:

This is 2mg lorazepam manufactured by Karnel Labs in Hondorus. Decent stuff.

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Ian Says:

How can you be sure? do you have a link to a picture of the pill online? thanks

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mazztown Says:

5mg valium

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kev Says:

Sre you sure these are diazepam i know they come from thailand if that helps?

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RMA41 Says:

Hey are you sure that these round, yellow ones w/ the K inside the triangle is deff a 2mg Lorazepam? And how do you know if I may ask? Cause I cannot find info about it anywhere...

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Ro Says:

They do not lead you easily, to secure 90 days of imported medications for which you hold a valid prescription. In THIS way, I have watched BBro kill off the solid old google searches for foreign meds, and ROUTE you via frustration, BACK to spend 499 dollars on 30 Vicodin 10/325's!!!!! IT WAS NOT ALWAYS THIS WAY! IMHO, its only getting worse. Use Boolean Search engines, and you will find this formula allows you to get around the BBro "Keep Raping Our Own Uninsured Wallets" concept. Most ppl use overseas pharmas, but don't bother if they won't take a CC. You should never pay more than 175,00 for 300 ativan 2mg from Honduras. Anyway, I'm rambling. Just use Boolean Searching. If you do not know how, very simple to learn. Hope something in here helps in some way!!!


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tigershark Says:

This is a forum about medication and comraderie...People Helping One Another!! Lets Please stick to that and NOT subversive Politics Like"paraphrase:You can thank your country's cencorship!" Come off it RO! If youre ill and cranky,We ALL understand but PLEASE DONT CRITICIZE THIS INCREDIBLE COUNTRY!!! If you do not like this country then LEAVE or just HUSH UP and let the sick people speak together (just like you are allowed to do in America) They need each other RO...PLEASE!!!!!!RO Tigershark

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tigershark Says:

yes the answer is correct...I just cant seem to upload picture or link(URL) Very Sorry. Just go to any web-browser and FULLY DESCRIBE pill/tablet/capsule,patch,etc,etc...Hang in there people. You'll begin to feel better!!! If you have a Higher Power/God you trust, I suggest prayer. If NOT just talk to your new friends here. You are going to be OK! Sincerely,Tigershark! God Bless You ALL!!

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Ro Says:

SUBVERT the DOMINANT PARADIGM. And, yo! We are ALL here to help each other...all of us with our unique situations. Ive just been playing the global market too long to be oblivious to what is occurring. I have no ill-contempt. I simply state my facts w PASSION!! So far, I am just here to help, and be helped. Apologies for critiquing our sad Home, Apologies if you think it was personal. It is more at rage-pain chronic- TALKING! I did not know Freedom Of Speech was a threatening thing in this GREAT COUNTRY!!! Yes, its great. Moving on!!! I love to help and am FLOODED with IOP data.... sorry to those feelings that are tenderized. I VERY MUCH DESIRE to help..however I may!! And I need YOUR help, as much as anyone here. Lets keep all the Freedom, and subvert the SHUTUP MODEL! People have the inherent right to express, and if you do not allow it....watchout! I may come off as some stranger with too much Zeal, but I assure you. I am blown AWAY by what ppl are being asked to pay for 90 tabs of what-not!! We change That! So, I reintroduce myself with a truce, and hand extended in Friendship, and the spirit of Understanding what we may not at first. I hope all have a better next moment, than the last (chronic pain pun..gotta laugh at my situation...humor is keeping me ALIVE!!!! Blessings to All of you I have yet to meet, and communicate with, I don't wish what I wrote yesterday, to be the FULL IMPRESSION of me, while I'm in the worst physical situation of my 40 years!! Blessings!! And Apologies. TY, Ro

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