Round Orange Pill Adderall With 28 And Moon

Daedae Says:

I agree with you 100% about them not seemig to work. I thought it was just me. I've been presiscribed for 10 years and the meds have always helped. They turned my life around. Until my pharmacy started carrying these weird crescent symbol 28 pills. I don't know what or why but they don't seem to work at all for me.

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lori Says:

I agree totally I have been on the 30s for years now and never had a problem. These do not work at all!!

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David Says:

Concerning the differences in efficacy, my theory is that it's more than likely due to whatever discrepancies are found within the list of inactive ingredients, since that's usually the only thing that changes when you switch from one manufacturer's tablet to another.

The round orange/peach-colored 30mg Adderall tablet by Actavis (With a National Drug Code of 45963-0749-11) reportedly contains the following set of binders and fillers:

Acacia + confectioner's sugar + lactose monohydrate + magnesium stearate + microcrystalline cellulose + sodium starch glycolate + FD & C yellow #6 HT Aluminum Lake

I'd try comparing that list to other brands/generics that tend to work well for you. This way you can try to determine which ingredients may or may not be hindering the tablets overall effectiveness.

I hope this helps!

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Kelly Says:

I have been taking adderall ir for years. Tera/Barr always seemed fine. I just left my psychiatrist who had me on 90 mg and dropped down to 60. Shortly there after I left psychiatrist going to a GP. I just met with him on 7/8/15 was prescribed 60 mg add along with other meds for anxiety/depression.

I filled script at target for convenience - which I rarely had gone to for anything - I would always go to Walgreens or do mail order.

I got ACTAVIS 30 mg marked "28" since I am not familiar w targets brands I thought nothing of it.

Now a week later-beyond it not working feeling "foggy" at work every day - and sleeping though alarm TWO days - I feel sick - my whole body has a strange tingly feeling at night - as if my pores are attempting to release poison - I can't sleep at night even while feeling exhausted because of this tingling feeling and headache/stomach pains all night.

I'm a single mom working ft going through a custody battle right now - I can't handle what this is doing to me.

Nothing else w meds or lifestyle has changed so it must be this brand


Thank you

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Peter Says:

Agree, these actavis amphetamine salts are terrible (Round Orange/peach pill with Actavis logo "28"). I will go far out of my way to get specifically Barr pharmaceuticals (Orange round 30) dextroamphetamine. Thankfully, usually both walmart and Sams club carry Barr. I just had a Rx filled and received actavis brand instead of Barr.

I have to take at least 2-3x as much of the Actavis to notice any therapeutic effect at all and I find myself more sleepy and spacey. I really hope Sams club and Walmart do not switch.

I'm going to attempt to return these and see if they can replace them with Barr.

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jeremy Says:

im confused..u said that ur lifestyle hasnt changed but u just stated that u were goin threw a custady battle now...???

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Tony Says:

Again if you can go to Walgreens they have the peach oval 30 milligram Teva tablets and those are the best hands down. Do not take the purple ones that say 136 on them those are crap and they are made from Asia. Peach peach peach

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