Round Light Green Pill With Mu12 On One Side

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Pill is round and light green with a capital M on one side with u12 below the m, the other side is blank and the pill is not scored.

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Yaya Says:

I have been taking these pills for almost 4 weeks now at 150mg (bupropion SR made by MYLAN), twice daily (300mg total) & they said it would help with the sexual side effects of my daily dose of Lexapro (20mg). It's not working. I have been really disappointed. Should I continue to take them or have my doctor change me to something else... all these questions are running through my mind. I went to look at the MYLAN company who makes them & they don't even have a picture of the pill! As a matter of fact, I couldn't find it on either... At the risk of sounding paranoid, I think there's something up with this drug. Anyone running into similar issues?

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MedsChat Admin Says:

I just submitted an inquiry with Mylan directly. Their web site does not show any photos of the Bupropion Hydrochloride Extended-Release Tablets (SR). I am hoping that they will respond back within a couple of days. So far it is supposedly the Bupropion SR 150 mg but I would like verification from them before saying for sure.

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Yaya Says:

I sent them an email yesterday as well. I am waiting for a reply

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Fat Girl Says:

Prescribed the same....looking for confirmation that this is right pill. I had this filled at CVS...the prescrip before this same med at another phamacy was purplish.????

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MedsChat Admin Says:

I just got off the phone with a Mylan representative and she did confirm that the round, light green, film coated, unscored tablet with M over U12 on one side and blank on the other side is in fact:

Bupropion Hydrochloride 150 mg SR (Sustained Release).

She explained that this pill is targeted for a twice daily dose, although it is typically recommended that an individual start off with a single dose per day.

Hope this helps!

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Carrie Says:

I came here to verify that Bupropion by MYLAN is light green. It used to be an orange color.

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Yaya Says:

So a rep called me, had me go to Walgreens & change out my pills & the ones I had were sent out to get tested... Yeah, it's safe to say I will be paying for name brand next time & just ask for Wellbutrin by name

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Wellgirl1223 Says:

I just found a web site by the Mylan company that gives a description of pretty much all Bupropion tablets put out by Mylan. Scroll down a bit for the 150 MG. pill. (light green with the imprint of M over U12). Hope this is helpful. Sure made me feel better!

Here's the link:

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sal Says:

what does mu12 do and what is for

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Ramsey Says:

for depression

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Teri Says:

Couldn't ask for a better answer that that! Thanks EVER so much!

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Elisa Says:

What is for

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Sophia Says:

And it works. Generics are regulated by the FDA. If it says it's a substitute, it has the same effect. Why support the multimillionaire name brand when u can get the same generic?

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babydolldhpayne Says:

But does it get you high ? Is an opiate, benzo,babydoll sleepin pill or what?

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amychris Says:

I have been taking the same dose as you, 150 twice a day for quite a while. I am using it as a stop smoking aid, and it works great...... In answer to your question, I don't see any difference in myself, or my libido. No more, no less

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deb Says:

The name brand is exactly measured where as generic not so much that's what my uncle (pharmacists) told me

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Beleiver Says:

Yes I have been on this for quite sometime now and haven't felt no different and I absolutely cannot find a identification anywhere so I am running into same problems

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