Rhodes Oxycodone

Putt Says:

Can someone cause somebody in the FDA to check out this Rhodes pharmaceutical company? If the potency can vary by up to 10 to 20% what does that tell you? They're not all the same. I have had Rhodes for two days and they're pure garbage I don't know why the pharmacy changed who's paying who off but these are absolutely terrible.

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GA Pain Patient Says:

You have to file a complaint with the FDA just like I did. The more complaints the faster they'll stop forcing this crap on us! Not sure how many other people take the time to file with the FDA but we need a lot more, I'm sure. They were giving me headaches, causing dizziness, and weren't touching my pain.

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TM Says:

This is what I found out on the Rhodes Pharm Percocets: The 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg tablets contain the equivalent of 4.5 mg, 9 mg, 13.5 mg, 18 mg and 27 mg, respectively, of oxycodone free base. Therefore to me that tells me that they are not even comparable to the brand. I know they don't touch my pain!!!!

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Keepnitreal Says:

I just got them today when the pharmacist knows that i had complained about them being out of my meds b4 an there is a note if they dont have my usual meds 2 check with me b4 they fill it. Instead i get handed basically half of my usual 1s, the b 48b12s and this new 1 from Rhodes and U r absolutely on point, so thank U! Was given some bs that they, the pharmacy had 2 sell me the cheapest brand left. What a crock of bs. I called my ins. co. and they said they were fine with what i was given b4! But ur right about these people always taking advantage of the nice and responsible peeps. I guess its just fine 2 give u a new pill that's at least 6x da size of ur usual 1, knowing its way more fillers than pain meds, or u could take down an elephant. Really getting sad. So i WILL TAKE UR ADVICE AND HOPE EVERYONE ELSE DOES. IT'S THE ONLY CHANCE WE SEEM 2 BE LEFT WITH!!!

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TM Says:

I went there and it asked for the NDC# and Lot#, did you call pharmacy to get this?

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GA Pain Patient Says:

Yes they should hopefully be able to give you that. If not I think it may let you skip that. It's been over a year since I filed my complaint. But I did it right after filling my script and I use a small pharmacy that had no problem helping me out.

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TM Says:

Thank you so much going to the website now....will update with whatever I come across. Difficulties or success.

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TM Says:

Done!!! Now if everyone does it it could maybe get Rhodes Pharm to have to reevaluate by the FDA taking a look at them. I complained to Rhodes Pharmaceutical LP, as well. There is a place on their website where you can send comments, complaints, etc.

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GA Pain Patient Says:

Good to know about their site but they wouldn't care if they received a million complaints. They know their product isn't up to par but the US is buying it.

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MG Says:

I think you're right about wasting time complaining to them. How many millions of Oxycodone or Percocet do they Mfr? Besides, where do the other folks get their data to establish what's in the Rhodes pill? Don't get me wrong. Been on Percocet for over 8 years after 3 spine surgeries. Can't walk more than 20 feet and my pain "manager" won't budge on dose or frequency although he has been my pain doc this entire time and I've never "lost" a script or run out of meds too soon.

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Jermtheworm Says:

Rhodes brand oxycodone is by far the weakest/less effective on the market no question!! I get more pain relief from a alvogen 7.5mg Percocet than Rhodes 15mg an that's no exaggeration!

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mg Says:

Also... just refilled (Rhodes Pharma) 10-325 Oxy. My cost jumped to $71 from $14 last month.

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Loretta Says:

I have Neurofibromas and recently I had my pain medication picked up (my nerves pills which are supposed to be 10mg of oxycodone, doesn't seem to be doing anything for my pain). This is the first time I have ever received any with RP on them and I have talked to the pharmacist earlier today and there's nothing he can do. But these pills are like taking an Asprin. Is it legal for a company to make pain pills without putting the pain-relieving ingredient in them? Or do I have to go without anything for my pain until I see my pain management doctor? I am going to call around and see if there is a way of finding out what I need to do, to see if these are nothing more than Asprin.

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Pebbles Says:

Re: TM (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

How did u find out the actual amount of Oxy that was in each dosage? I'm getting so disgusted with our government, the GD, the Dea... Etc. If ppl want to get their hands on oxys they will and the government can't stop it. If these ppl are using them recreationally, shame on them and if they die, it's not our problem, but I am disabled and have a list a mile long of health issues since I was 27 and I am getting sick of ppl like me who really need the treatment and proper dosage being screwed because of drug addicts. If ppl can go out and get smashed on liquor and take innocent lives while they live, because their bodies are so relaxed, than leave us disabled ppl alone who really need the meds. I've been to many pain mgmt groups and can honestly tell u 75% of the ppl walking out of there with 3 and 4 kinds of pain meds and BENZO'S are clearly abusing drugs. You can clearly tell the difference between a junkie and a true pain patient. X-ray's, mri's, and ct scans dont lie. Put the responsibility on the dr's. Not the true pain patients. We are suffering and it's not fair. So fed up. If ppl wanna kill themselves then so be it. I'm far from coldhearted, but u will never stop the drug problem. Keep cutting off pain meds and pain patients turn to illicit drugs because its cheap and they are the ones I feel sorry for. I personally would not take any illegal drugs... Never have never will. I dont even drink, but I do see why a lot of pain patients turn to street drugs and dont get me started on methadone and subs..... An absolute f***ing joke. Substituting one addictive drug for another. Yea that makes sense!

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Julianna Says:

Re: TM (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I, too, am a very dissatisfied patient who has had the misfortune of receiving the very weak Rhodes Oxycodone.
Where did you find the info re: the potency of Oxycodone manufacturered by Rhodes? The amounts you've listed indicates these pills are just 85% of the strength of the original OxyContin. Thanks!

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Tink Says:

Re: TM (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Where did you obtain this info about the actual oxycodone content in mg of the Rhodes tablets? I'd like to show it to my pharmacy, with proper sourcing, in the hopes that they will never buy the Rhodes tablets again. I knew I detected a definite difference in strength - or in something - when they switched from Actavis to Rhodes last summer, as the Rhodes just didn't work as well as the Actavis (although I'm a bit surprised the difference is that slight, in view of the difference I felt). It would be nice to be able to back it up to them with some hard data (i.e., not from a chat board). :)

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Krissy Says:

Re: GA Pain Patient (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I've been on generic and brand Percocet from my pain doc for years due to crushed bones from a horrible accident. I was given Rhodes about 8 months ago and I thought I was gonna die. Then back to my good generic until 2 days ago. I was given Camber brand oxycodone 10/325 and I had no pain relief but a ton of side effects that's keeping me so weirded out and sick. This is pure poison. All the Walgreens are going to this generic. I called 8 in and around me. Since I've used them for so long, they all told me that's what they all said were sent. Every single one I called. This all happened in the last 3 weeks. I'd rather have my doc put me on 10 Lortab along with my pain patches I get monthly as well. At least I would get some relief. None at all. No pain relief with Camber. Just very sick in every kind of way. Anyone else go to Walgreens and stuck with this? I'll get my pain doc to do something. I can't take this poison.

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hale1 Says:

I've taken oxycontin n oxycodone for 17 years or so and have been cut down to just 6 of the oxycodone 15s n have always got green pills n this time I got the white football shaped one and I think they're great. I usually have to take several on the first day to get them built up in my body and with these I took much less and about 20 mins later started feeling a lot better and they actually really helped my back pain. I recently broke my tibia n fibia and it's ached all winter and these even took that pain away. I'm asking pharmacy if they can make sure I get those from now on.

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MeJane Says:

Pure garbage? More like poison! Was given rhodes as for last 8 months have tried every generic percocet as each SUDDENLY after years in pain mgmt these crazy side effects I’d never had before began! Its not a tollerance issue. Formula HAS changed! With Rhodes. now my hand, forearms joints numb aching & swelling. What is going on here?!?

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Still in pain Says:

Re: MeJane (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I just filled my script and wound up w this sorry ass crap!
Damn shame that they can put the screws to people that are in so much pain!

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JMJ Says:

Re: Still in pain (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Dear Still in Pain,

I have not taken the Rhodes with tylenol. My doctor orders it withou, but still 10mg. And....not the best, but it works. That may be a choice for you. Ask if you can get it without the tylenol. You can always take your own tylenol. If you are stuck with that brand, because of the pharmacy they want you to use, you may have that option. Ok, so it works, but honestly, I've had 10's that work better. I would be hopping mad if like you, I picked up a script that had NO potency. I'm relatively new to having to use med every month. Still learning what I need to look out for, and what I should be able to expect from decent meds. Thanks for your posts. JMJ

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