Reviews On Different Levothyroid Generics.

p255 Says:

My TSH goes and up and down but i mostly feel OK with TSH at 1.0 at a dose of .075. Recently my nails are splitting, hair/skin very dry and stubborn weight gain. Dr. say its all in your head and to go on a diet. My question is the history and reviews of different levothyroid manufactures. For sure i cannot find a Dr. to RX armour or T3 of any kind and I'm not crazy about trying. I'm 65 y.o. and have only my thyroid med to take.. So my next option is to consider different options with synthroid,levoxol... Milan vs.Lannett. In 1995 to 1998 My weight,skin and hair were healthy and comfortable at 1.00 synthroid? i wasn't paying attention then to 'brands' of thyroid. Then as the years went on and they changed to levothyroxine generics....i started with yearly fluctuations in TSH. So as my M.D. will not listen to these ideas, i'm reaching out to anyone who has experience with different generics.

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Verwon Says:

Our bodies do change with time, so it might not be due to the various generics, it might just be a natural thing. A medication that worked well for a long time may suddenly not work as well for you, or it may stop working completely.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as including the issues you've listed, as well as nausea, dizziness and hair loss.

That might be why you doctor isn't listening.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

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p255 Says:

Thank you for replying to the question ref: to levothyroid. So then i assume all generics are the same now? symptoms and changes are the way it is as someone who has been on a drug for 35 years. Does it make sense to consider trying another form?

When looking at a 2009 post, someone said the Mylan brand was best? I'm using Krogers Pharm. for my levothyroxine. Its a good price for 90 days but i would consider switching brands if there was a high RATING for another brand. Especially from anyone who has taken this drug over many years.

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Hopeful Says:

Re: p255 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, your post just happened to come up so I wanted to see how you're doing? Better I hope!

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