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Comments Submitted Says:

i do not think the op version of oxycontin are working.they seem to go through me without digestion.i have literally seen them in the toilet up to 6 hours after ive taken them so im not getting relief from the pain. are the old version ones still made and provided to pharmecies?

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Verwon Says:

No, the old ones are no longer available.

However, it is normal to find the tablet shell of these time released Oxycontin OP in your stool, later. However, it is just the shell, the medication is slowly released from it.

As to the problem with them not working, there have been many complaints about this, as well.

You can contact both Purdue Pharma and the FDA to let them know of your complaints, the more people that do so, the more attention they will pay to the problem.

Purdue Pharma number for drug safety/medication issues:


FDA MedWatch number:


Is there anything else I can help with?

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maria Says:

thank you so much, for the reformulated oxycontin,this is one step closer to saving our youth from abusing this drug and saving lives.

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Ali saysP Says:

In West Virginia, my last 13 regular 80's were mixed in with 71 op's...There were 3 phone calls while I waited in line..The pharmacist answered the lines with 'sorry only op's from now on.My chief complaint is that the new ones make me very drowsy...I work full time and relied on oxy to get me thru a very physical job. With ruptures in my low back and a HUGE herniation in the neck with 3 bulging discs and lots of arthur (you know arthur) well it is unfortunate.. And it happened thru no fault of my own -no knock against women driver's (some are better than men) but first wreck was a teenage girl with a boyfriend in from Washington State and her eyes were on him...Side collision right thru a stop sign felt the tingle and burn in lumbar 7 and 8....months of manipulation and epidural's followed by metal plates.inserted by operation..Second, a woman from OHIO, talking on a cell phone turned her head never saw me stopped on a sharp turn yielding right of way. Her airbags deployed while my Neck whipped violently -knocked me out for a few seconds (maybe longer -not sure) felt a terrific burning sensation in neck cervical 5 and 6....Lots of epidurals , physical therapy, have a doctor standing by who wants to metal plate it...Have a WONDERFUL doc in @@@@ who gave me no problem with the OXY..MY guardian angel gave me enough to carryon 8 EIGHT YEARS of work in which I support a wife, a son in college (3rd year) studies civil and electrical engineering....A B student..I struggle with bouts of breakthrough pain new op' s take much longer to set in and yes I have felt nauseated and god knows the pain has increased again. The power people have made this product untouchable I believe it will cause hemmoraging and tissue problems if you try to inhale it..Please don't!! This reformulation was done by Einstein's and it is meant to be very unpleasant if tampered with..What needs to be done is People need to organize and petition Uncle Sam with credentials of success and service time (I am a Vietnam Vet with a college degree in Business.) I know I can get signatures from the Vets who are in wheelchairs and other people who feel that this violation of principals and is against the law ..The one perplexing maybe lawful question is, did they have the right to change us our meds without testing you as an INDIVIDUAL without judging you as a groupthink oxy user basing you as an IMMEDIATE druggie in American Society ! Through personal experience already I've had two teenage girls angrily answer NO to me at the pharmacy s when I asked about the old ones- that look in their eyes was like Charlie running from Khe Sahn after a B-52 Arc Light strike....IMMEDIATELY I was a suspected Drug addict with a simple question they thought I had NO RIGHT to ask!! .As I said in previous posts, I was a recreational smoker in the late 60's early 70's.....Overseas during Christmas I did Qualudes once in long while to cover a lonely broken heart(Christmas music always got to me) so us guys walked ,hopped a ride or had a designated driver when we became intoxicated.Killing pain that way was ok with me -I do NOT make drug use a priority and have been a success in life by luck sometimes going YEARS without touching anything...Hell in the 70's I ran 20 kilometer races 4 and 5 times a year, my best year was in 1979 I closed within 20 minutes of Bill Rodgers!!! ..So as you can read,.I'm totally against ANY life altering abuse, One main reason is that too many slouches out there on govt help lie about illness and won't work..No young man ought to be having babies out of wedlock and not contribute to taxation!! And it really bugs me that it was ok for Uncle Sam to stick m-16's in our hands at 18 that resulted in 75000 young Americans shot to heaven and back SHAME ... And you are never allowed to see the physical damage done to those poor guys.. I admire the Canadian Govt. that shows cancer on cigarette packs(both sides) It should be a requirement to show the young generation photos of people just like you and me with war casualty -no face, deafened by concussion until there ears rupture, etc.And then look at George Bush and Dick Cheney all dressed up in their 5000 dollar suits giving more orders to ship out. That I guess is alright in the feds minds but dosing people the right way with chronic pain NO NO thats BAD for you...And these people who condemn you never had a pain in there life..And never served a day in combat...I'd like to show them the pain real broken bones, ruptured emotions like CRYING and depression, hopelessness- not all are created of equal status as victims ..There are millions of people who have lost their minds with pain and can't face the world like most of many who SOULD HAVE A RIGHT to privately use this drug without predjudice....Mercy to those people who right now wonder and worry no not again due to a son of a BIT$$ who cares less about his fellow brothers...In the name of the almighty please lord our prayer be answered , our petition heard, Purdue lose millions, and paitients commit to a BOYCOTT of this product!!! People, the upper echelon of society is waging a class war against the worker ...Please do not allow Republicans to get another foot hold on America...They are against this drug and are going to use it as a campaign issue..I'm not in love with the Democrats either but I sure wish Rush Limbaugh would lead the hipocracy of say NO to OXY !!!! That fat windbag wanted YOU to serve time and now wants it GONE forever...I hear your cries out there...Brothers please don't give up...I promise I will complain to the V.A., VFW, American Legion and expose these hypocrtical subhuman beings that don't contribute anything but a harder row to hoe...We VETS fought for your Goddamned right to take this drug without altercation...We have not begun to fight!!

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Backsurgery_x_10 Says:

Ali, you have pretty much sumned it up. I have had at least TEN operation on my low back. My injury occured while pulling a victim from a truck, the disc broke into several pieces. Each time I had operation Dr would say you are better but I wasnt. The Dr 's called me a drug seeker. Another Dr & hospital so in 15 months i had 5 operations then a fusion then 4 more operations. I was given oxy back in 1999 and I was able to work. My Dr died of a stroke so I ended up at a different Dr and he would not write for Oxy. Instead he gave me Hydrocodone compounded into 100mg tabs and told me they were time released. Impossible, time released cant be in a gelatine capsule with a powder inside. It woul melt in my mouth in 60 seconds. Because of all the abusers doctors are afraid to write for those of us that truly suffer. I live in pain 24 hours a day. I have not slept in my bed for over 2 years, my wife hates it. Now Im loosing the use of my legs and feet as the pain only gets worse and sometimes I feel like I have no quality of life any more. Those of us in pain are treated like drug addicts while the addicts get free drugs from the state or county. If a person is in real pain ( my Dr says Im like a cancer patient with no cancer ) thats how bad the pain is. In CA they are voting on legal pot and we cant get pain meds for our chronic pain. The government needs to let the Dr have the freedom to give us what we need to not just live but to be productive human beings. I want to work every day like other men with a family and if I dont have the meds I dont work. I dont want welfare or a hand out. Im a VET with two sons in the Marines both are in Afghanistan. In two weeks I have a test to find out what is causing the numb legs & feet & more pain. I asked my Dr for a increase in my meds and he said sorry i just cant do it Joe. If I ever get prescribed the new Oxy I will give it a chance to work but it sounds like a nightmare. I dont abuse my meds and I only take as prescribed. Ive had too many people call me a cry baby or you should get use to the pain. Until you have had pain like ours they will never know what its like to live in constant pain. If not for my wife, she's an angel sent from God, I dont know if I would still be alive. It was the fusion that was the worst and now Im told the 1 screw is breaking apart so that is most likely causing my new problem. It seems we are just left to live with little or no hope plus told that giving us pain meds is bad for us. Tylenol is more dangerous than oxycodone, alcohol kills more people every day and pot will be legal. What is wrong with the world today? Maybe if our voice is loud enough they will hear us. I plan to call Purdue and ask lots of questions because one day I know I will be put on the new drug and I want to know what is in it that is causing the problems. The addicts can go to hell for all I care but the pain patients need help now. God bless you and Thank you for your service to this great country. I was US Army 1972 - 1976 and Ive seen my share of violence and I have taken many risks in my life only to get slapped in the face because Im in real pain. Soldier on !

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ned hammer Says:

Just got my monthly refill of, apparently, the new improved version. I think I will stay here and give a day by day account of what happens during the transition. Been on 3 40 mg per day for 3 years, plus perc. for breakthrough pain. Will keep a journal here, for the people.

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ned hammer Says:


other than slight stomach irritation, and seeing partial pills in my stool, i don't notice much difference.

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Rich Says:

I think everyone should boycott the new op reformulated oxycontin's and put purdue out of business or at least send a message. I know this is hard if you are in pain like me, but the new oxy's make me sick anyhow and don't help with my pain. I used to have a normal life now I just lay in bed all day.

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The Goat Lady Says:

I have a traumatic brain injury. My symptoms include a migraine that never EVER goes away no matter what meds I take.But my pain can go down to a 2 or 3 if properly medicated. I take Oxy Contin 80s 3 x daily and Oxy Codone 30s 4 x daily for breakthru pain. I also have degenerate disc disease in my neck that Drs are wanting to fuse 3 vertebre. The new OPs also go right thru me, do nothing for my pain, cause horrible rebound headaches, intestinal cramping and diarrhea (which is quite a feat considering I'm always constipated from the narcotics). I simply cannot take them.
So I get on the puter and write down pages of pharmacies and make tons of phone calls until I find some little place that still has the old OCs. I am driving further and further to get them. I'm having a friend drive me 5 hours one way (I can't drive very far because of the broken discs in my neck), pay for the gas and motel and food. Every month they get harder and harder to find and I have to make more and more phone calls to find them. How can Purdue do this to us? Does anyone know of a website where there are petitions or even a class action lawsuit I could join? From what I understand all the big chain pharmacies like Walgreens had to send their OCs back to Purdue who then sent them to be sold in Canada. I live in Northern Az and am alot closer to Mexico than I am Canada. I have found them at a Walmart and an Albertsons in small towns. I reallly want to sue Purdue but don't know how to go about it. Somebody please help me!
The reason I'm called "The Goat Lady" is because my service animal is a goat. Her name is Abby, and with my balance disorder and easily getting overwhelmed I really depend on her. However she was born with a liver defect and needs medical care way beyond my meager SSI income. If you would like to know more about her I am setting up a facebook page under Abby Servicegoat. I welcome any and all replies.

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weebo Says:

When they came out with the new oxycontin op it wasn't just the shell. It was the whole pill. I have been a crohns patient 1974. I even took a stool sample into my doctor. I felt no relief.
whatever they put in them they don't digest in my system. When I took the old oxycontin I always had pills left from my script. If on days i was in less pain one 40 mg would do me. I never abused drugs I respect them. Now i am on opanas and I always run out before my refill. Because these pills make you have to have them before its time for them to wear off. I pray to god every day to give me the strength to not let these opanas get the better of me. I think these pills are alot more dangerous and far more addictive then the old oxycontin. I wont allow myself to ask for an increase on these pills I dont want to feel like they have control over me.

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CRUE004 Says:

This new reformulated for oxycontin under mundaprama, is crap. Their make me as sick as a dog, I pass blood.the pain is worst now. Spoke to my doc told him/her. About this new op coming out. They had no idea, so I was put on MS Contin twice aday, it was good for some points of pain but not others. I' glad sandoz has something out now. I'll see them in a couple of days. I Just dislike the people who made this happen. Lets hope sandoz tops the market & gave good old mundaprama a run for their $$$$$$$$.

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