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I used to take these pills as a child in the 60s thru 70s for allergies. does it still exist? and what are the ingredients? its a round coated green small tablet. thank you for your help sylvia

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H.R. Says:

I took Pyrobenzamine in the 1950's. It was manufactured by Ciba and each little green pill was scored for easier halving and had the word CIBA etched into it.

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JB Says:

I tried a different spelling of this drug and think it may be pyribenzamine......

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Chris K Says:

Pyrobenzamine is the correct spelling. This was an antihistamine drug prescribed for a variety of symptoms. In Canada it was available as a gree/white capsule.

The druig was withdrawn from the marketplace because of carcinogenic properties.

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Lorian Says:

My mother use to take pyrobenzamine for hives. It also worked on watery eyes, nose etc. Now that she is 83 and often uncomfortable with allergic reactions, I don't think that the carnigenic effects should matter. I see cigarettes are still on the market.

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charles worrell Says:

Pyrobenzamine was prescribed for the relief of respiratory ailment.

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J.B. Says:

I was given pyrobenzamine as a kid for rose fever - I think it was in the 40's. It worked like a charm - and I only had to take 1/2 tablet (green) 2 to 6 times and the incessant sneezing, swollen, closed shut eyes, cleared up! A prescription lasted forever. Recently when I went in to ask a pharmacist about pyrobenzamine, I was looked at like I was crazy!

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, but your description will not really help much, there are no proprietary guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry for colors or shapes of pills. Therefore, there are tons of pills on the market that are round and green, and each one made by a different company will be something different.

That said, I am not finding any current information on this drug, so my guess would be that it is no longer available.

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Robin Lampert Says:

Do they still manufacture this medication?

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Verwon Says:

It does not appear so, I cannot find it listed in any prescription drug databases or formularies.

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Jeanne Pusch Says:

I took pyrobenzamine in the '50s. It worked miracles with my eczema.

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JB Says:

I'll try again. Also, change the spelling to pyrabenzamine....Look on line...

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Kevin Senecal Says:

I started taking Pyribenzamine as a teenager (mid 80's and a small YELLOW pill; orange/ yellow striped white box), as a trial fix for withdrawing from anti-allergy injections. It worked from the start,and NEVER failed. It was removed from production sometime ago, and I have NEVER found a suitable substitute. Has anyone tried tripelennamine (A stated new version of PBZ)?

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gordon geick Says:

I started taking Pyrabenzamine in 1956 for severe sinus attacks. It was VERY effective. I took this drug for the same condition with the same great results until just recently when it was discontinued. Nothing else I have tried has worked workrd.
Now I am searching for a substitute. So far, in vain.

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ray Says:

I was given PYROBENZAMINE as a
child by my mother, I'm now 61, it
was the best thing I ever took for
allergy attacks and I had them bad.

I graduated to Benedryl and other
drugs like diphenmax or other
similar drugs but the older I've
gotten, the less I need them.

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gregory Says:

I also took pyribenzamine whe young (now72) and it worked great. It is listed as being called Tripelenamine and is marketed by Novartis. Why it is not avaiable in USA I don't know. The US Military used it extensively in WWII and it helped keep the foot soldiers healthy and helped win thw War. I can't belive that my Docs say they never heard of and my pharmacist also says he never heard of it. the only side effect I had when little was IT made you sleepy but now I'm 72 and on 24hr oxygen and I don't care if I fall a sleep. I've got to find a way to stop the sinus draining dow the back of my throat as whe I cough it up it makes my SpO2 drop from 92 down to 67 and thats when the shoulder pains start. I just do not understand.

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jay Says:

so does anyone out there know TODAY where this little wonder can be found even if its another country, i travel quite often at 57 i too took this as a kid and could sure use it again. is it a norvartis product? ill do the research but i need some more leads

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Josh Says:

I would like to find out and see what a pill looks like and what it is with Dan on one side and 5658

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Caro Says:

It is called Pyribenzamine and actually still exists. They took it off the market becase it caused dry mouth resulting in tooth decay. I'm going to ask my Dr for it and see what happens

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Liz Says:

Boy are you lucky that you were able to take it in pill form. My mother kept that evil bottle of green, bitter, horrible tasting stuff on the top shelf in the kitchen and every once in a while when I was really young she would make me take a spoonful of it. I was so young that I thought it was a punshment for something I did wrong. Now, 55 years later, I gag at the thought of that stuff...!!!!!

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Pat Says:

I had to take pyrobenzamine from 1944 thru (maybe)1957 for asthma. It never worked at all. I only stopped wheezing when the asthma attack had run its course. The pill tasted so awfully bad that I developed an aversion to the taste of water because of it. My water aversion lasted for another 50 years! I have been curious all these years about that horrible green pill.

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