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I used to take these pills as a child in the 60s thru 70s for allergies. does it still exist? and what are the ingredients? its a round coated green small tablet. thank you for your help sylvia

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JohnK Says:

Thanks for all the memories this page brought back. I remember taking pyrabenzamine as a child, even into college. I remember hearing that the drug companies always added extra pills to the big bottles of a thousand that the pharmacies stocked them in, so I talked my doctor into giving me a prescription that would allow me to get all ten refills of 100 pills at once, expecting that they would not need to count the pills. The pharmacy made the excuse that they had to count the pills because they had to give me a child proof cap. So, I never got to count to see how many extra were provided by the manufacturer.

Thanks for the memories.

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H Larry Elman Says:

I came across this discussion in Feb 2018 - over 10 years after it started. I was on PBZ from about 1947 or so until the early Fifties. I HATED THE #$$%&+ stuff! Reading the other replies, I believe this was because I got it when it was uncoated, dissolved as you were trying to take it, and tasted like **** or worse. Really bad.

It was prescribed for severe allergies. At that time, most allergists would tell you that up to 70% of all allergies had an emotional component. (If that number has changed, it is because our food additives are allergy causing but are not identified as such.)

My father, Dave Elman, was teaching Medical Hypnosis to physicians and had many allergists among his students. Hypnosis is excellent for ailments with an emotional component. I became their experimental animal. Hypnosis is much preferable to PBZ. I HATE PBZ, but can understand the other viewpoint. COATED PBZ is probably much less offensive.

My emotional component? I was nearly killed in a situation my parents were unaware of. Once details of it were uncovered, my allergies were cured, but I carried an emergency supply of the hated PBZ for several years afterwards.

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Pat Says:

I had to take pyrobenzamine from 1944 thru (maybe)1957 for asthma. It never worked at all. I only stopped wheezing when the asthma attack had run its course. The pill tasted so awfully bad that I developed an aversion to the taste of water because of it. My water aversion lasted for another 50 years! I have been curious all these years about that horrible green pill.

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Nettles Says:

Re: Lorian (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Well said Lorian! I totally agree with you. Cigarrettes will kill you before any antihistamine will.

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HStokes Says:

Is PBZ still sold? If so, under what name?

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Susan Says:

Re: Liz (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Me too!!!

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Edie Says:

Re: Robin Lampert (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I have no message to leave you.

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Teri Says:

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My father was on it for decades! Gave his such blessed relief. At 67 you I pray I could receive that much relief!

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