Pulmison 20mg Tablette Boehringer Ingelheim

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I was given this tablets by my doctor - but it had no information paper with saying what it's used for or what the side effects were. Could you please send me more details.

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Verwon Says:

This is an African brand name for the drug Prednisone, this is a steroid used to treat various conditions such as swelling and allergic reactions.

It does carry some serious side effects, especially the longer you take it.

Some of the side effects include: insomnia, weight gain, joint pain and blurred vision.


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Rudolf Kroukamp Says:

hi i got Pulmison 20mg for 5 days
as soon as i drink it i feel dise it feels like my head is floating.
Is this normal it only gos on for about 5 hours then i am fine again

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Beast ;D Says:

Haha, only 5 hours? Its juice bro, not good to drink on that stuff.

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lidia Says:

it's correct to prescribed to children? My daugther is 8 and after 3hrs she feeld very sick. ( nausea, stomach pain, dizziness) I needed to take to the hospital and tell told me this medicine is not for children.
please tell me what is going to happen to my daugther.

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lidia Says:

the doctor gave one table twice a day after food for 5 days, after two and a half days she stared to feel ( dizzines, stomach pain, nausious and general pain) We took her to the hospital because she was crying badly we did not know what was the problem, and the doctor at the hospital told us that Pulmison is not for children, please I want to know what side effect could my daugther have. She is 8 years old. thank you.

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Marlene Says:

My goodness I thought I'd google the drug as I felt funny within half an hour of taking the tablet. It is shocking that pharmacists/doctors do not tell their patients about the side effects. I am truly sick but am defiietly going to stop taking this pill immediately! I have not felt this terrible after taking a pill! Thanks for everyone's coment as it certainly helped me addressmy concern.

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Julie Says:

My doctor prescribe a five day treatment of Pulmison for an inflammatory condition that made me very sick and within two days I was feeling 100% better. No side effects - even after the five day period. I was so sick. The Pulmison was a life saver!

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Mandy Says:

My doctor prescribe a five day treatment of Pulmison for a Post Nasal drip(persistant problem for past 2months) that has me coughing, snorting, spitting and swallowing all night. Started meds yesterday, taking my 2nd one now, no side effects yet. (anitbiotic and nasal spray as well)

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PKJ Says:

Me too. I had been suffering from sinus problems, chesty cough etc for 18 months, - couldn't sleep at night as a result, had no energy and always sounded as though I had a cold. Had blood tests, ECG, ct scans, etc etc - all showed how healthy I was! Went on Hols to Zanzibar, all cleared. Went to Doc with this revelation, 2 of these Cortisone pills & a strong Antihystamine for 5 days......I was cured after 8 hrs! But..... 2nd 5 days reduced the P to one a day, then only Antihystamine ....all symptoms coming back. I'm obviously allergic to the South of South Africa! Anyone know of an alternative to the Cortisone?

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zinhle Says:

As in typpyng this msg I'm wide awake in pain since 18:00 this is my second day taking the pulmison I decided to. Google it. Because I tuk adcodols an my stoumach pain not getting better,and I hav to take it for 3days.what will the side effects be if o stop today bcause I'm in pain ....

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Costas Says:

What are the side effects of Pulmison 20mg 2 tablets daily in the morning?

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JenMary Says:

I broke out in a skin rash, face, neck and chest for over a week, it never cleared as I hoped was on Celestamine 2 tablets a day,did nothing, then I was now put on Pulmison 20mg 2 daily, I find my face and neck and chest is more red, I look as if I am sunburnt....is this normal or is it getting worse, this will be by now my 2nd week with a rash. It's burning and itchy, I am applying an ointment called Advantan dsil as well. What worries me is that a I had a session of skin needling and after that this seemed to happen, is cortisone the right meds to take for what could have been a bacterial infection or should I rather be on Penicillin or antiobiotics? We have our Xmas functions coming up and I'm going on leave, dont' want to walk with a red swollen blotchy face ,neck and chest for life. I did a month back have swollen facial glands and into the neck & sore throat, could this be linked. I'm in South Africa and the doctors are just focusing on the rash, not what is actually causing it?? please help.

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Boiky Says:

Hands and legs swell and sometimes they itch given Pulmison 20mg for four days and was ok for sometime but the swelling eased but every time i pick up heavy or wash a car the swelling comes back. he changed the medication to prednisone but helps for few days. Blood test done but nothing negative

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Ampie Says:

Getting a side effect taking a certain drug might not be caused by the drug but by some other prescription which are taken similtanious with it.
Pulmison was prescribed to me but because I took it the same time as cardio aspirin I risked myself of getting stomach ulcers.
so if I was getting stomach pains I could not balme Pulmison.
My advise to everybody is to make sure what is there interaction between existing medicine You are taking and something new prescribed to You if taken at the same time.

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EA Says:

I have a similar condition for the past 2 weeks and was put on 40mg of Pulmison for 3 days with Celestemine also to reduce itching and rash. My symptoms only started during the period my daughter got chicken pox. However the dr at hospital said it is not related. This is the 1st time ever that I have something like this...also just took leave. Blood tests just show allergic signs.

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stephina Says:

I had a cough nd my dr gave me pulmison 20 mg , last nite i got severe pulpitations and could not breath. Can this be the course of Pulmison?

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Irma Says:

Hoeveel kan op n slap dag gedrinl

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