Proper Way To Take Excluton Pill For Breastfeeding Mom

honey joe Says:

I started to take my exluton pill last night without reading the instruction i bought it last night and i thought it was the same exluton that was given in health center.i start it in the lower part of the pill.when i read the instruction it said that it should start on the upper part of the pill..and it have a TT and O what does it mean?what should i do?its all white color pill.i didnt notice theres a TT and O on the pill.what should i do now?i started on the lower part instead on the higher part of the pill?can i just continue it and follow the arrow?help me please later is my 2nd day taking this exluton that i bought in drugstore.

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chai gurl Says:

how to use pills a exluton.,before my means.,.or after.,.?this is my first time to take a pill exluton.,

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chai gurl Says:


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mhae Says:

i take my first pack of excluton last may 29,2013, i follow the instruction ,but then after a few week i had bleeding, they said it is the side effect of the pill, so i continue taking the pill, all of the sudden, before the last 4 tablets to take, i had my menstruation, should i start with the new pack or take the remaining tables?
im also confuse with my bleeding, i dont know if it is because of the side effect of the pill or it is my regular cycle.

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nancy Says:

Finish all the tablets in one pack before using the next one regardless of the first day of your menstruation

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Jane Says:

I'm taking excluton pills but i have my menstruation twice last november 2013 then until now hindi parin aq is possible that im already pregnant again?plz answer my question i need it very will...

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Kix eugenio Says:

I gave birth last April then on June 2nd week Its my first menstruation then the health center gave me exluton to take then till now I didn't experience menstruation is it possible that I'm pregnant or this is just side effects????

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jhenny Says:

Ask kolang po kung yung exluton po ba, kapag nagtake ka nun rereglahin poba every month?? kase hndi pa dinadatnan simula nung nagtake ako ngaun po 6 mons na baby ko??

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beka Says:

first tym ko pong gumamit ng pills nung last month 2 tyms akong ngkaroon akalaq dahil lng un sa pills kaya tinigil ko isang beses lng pero sabi nila epekto lng dw kaya ngtake ult aq.pero ngaun ubos na pills ko pero nd prin ako dinadatnan.

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mhy Says:

2 months na umiinom ng exluton pills pero naun po ngkamali ng inom hndko po na sunod ung arrow.. safe pa dn po ba un at need ko po ba ituloy pg inom nun hanggang matapos ung buong pack or hnd na po?

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eda Says:

Aask ko ks pplitan ko ung pills ko na daphne ks d hiyang.. ung last pills ko khpon eh monday ba un start ko n po ba ung upper na tue..nallito po ks ako bkit po may mga sulat ung likod ng tablet. kya ng plit dhil panay po bleeding ko sa daphne kya pinlitan ng ob ko..un nung binili ko na ung exlution d ko po lm san ako mag sstart. tska d pa nagkkroon. dhil po pinainom akonng ob ko ng paghnyo ng bleeding ko..ngyn po hndi ko iniinom un.

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neeks Says:

Ganun din po sakin. 3mos na kong hnd dinadatnan

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fiona hopewell Says:

I can't read thai words, so pls point out which the first pill in the exluton card. Thanks

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jezel Says:

vah iinomin and exclotun pgkatapos ng menstruation po vah

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fe Says:

Hi..just wanna ask if exluton pills provide 24hr protection? I really need the answer please.

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Mimi Says:

Fistime ko gumamit ng pills.. April 28 ng una akong uminum ng pills after 1 month hnihintay ko n mgkaroon ako ng regla hndi pa ngkkaroon anu po bng ibig sabhin nun..

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angel Says:

Ask gumamit ng excluton naubos ko n po isang pack di parin nagkakaroon po sana magpalit ng pills ggwn ko almost 1 week n po megative nman pi pt ko thx.

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maryanne Says:

hi! im breastfeeding my 6months baby.. i got my period june 4 evening until june 7 .. but i started taking exluton ysterday-june 8 until now.. is it ok? am i safe getting prego again?

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Hi. yun nagkamali nang pagkasunod sunod na inom dun sa arrow?

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Louise Says:

Hi, nagtake ako ng exluton 4 days na ng regular menstruation then every night pag nagttake ako ng pill ng bleed ako then nkalimutan ko magtake ng pill within just 2 hours after our intimate moment. Then during the next night i stopped bleeding until now. Might I be pregnant?

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R u ff a Says:

Same tau, di rin ako dinaratnan since uminom ako ng excluton pills ko. Last period ko nung march 29, hanggang ngayong June16. Pero okay lang naman daw un sabi nang doctor na pinakonsoltahan ko, natural lang daw un kasi BF tau.

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Sam Says:

Hi po! First time ko mgtitake ng Excluton, parang natatakot po kc sa mga nababasa kong side effects. Then pag mgtake ako nito, every month po ba dadatnan?

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lenlen Says:

Gud day po, ngstart po q uminom ng exluton DEC. 2018 3 months po baby ko, sa 1st pack po nagkaroon po q ng menstruation. Tapos 2nd pack po nd n q ngkaroon until now pang 5 pack ko n, normal po b un? Salamat po.

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Mel Says:

Re: Jane (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Ako rin nung last period ko nung feb 18 hanggan ngayon wala prin

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Akisha Says:

You should start on top week... Not on lower.... 1st day bleeding....

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Joy joy Says:

Ask ko lang po nag take po ng excluton tas ung start po nya sunday pro nung time na iinom na ako is thursday ung binuksan ko po is thursday tpos naubos ko na po ang dalawang pakete ng excluton pwo hndi pa din po ni reregla? Normal po ba un ty.

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Nil Says:

Re: mhy (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Same po tayo ate. Pregnant ka po banung hindi monasunod yung arrow?

Salamat :)

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Joy Says:

I took exluton for 10 days already. On the 7th day of taking this pill, I had heavy bleeding. I dont know if this is a side effect of the pill. I am exclusively breastfeeding my 2month old LO.

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rena Says:

Hai po pad po mag tanong? Nanganak po hong july 1st 2017 tapos po. After 45 days nagtake na po ng exluton pills yan po kc sabi ng madewife namin. Tanong ko lang po. Hindi pa po kc nag reregla simula nong pagkatapos kong manganak tapos nag take na ako ng extuton. Hindi po bah ako masira into. Na nagtake ako na hindi pa nagregla?

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Kim Says:

Hi can I ask how many days or weeks a women after giving birth is allowed to take the exluton ..ilang araw o linggo pagkatapos manganak dapat inumin ang exluton

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sha Says:

Hi gud eve po .ask ko lang kung panu gamit ng excluton.2 mons.old plng baby ko po. Tnx

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