Prochlorper 10mg

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peach color pill letter gg numbers 953 has to take 3 times a day says as needed got print out from phramacy but no discription of medication all it says on the bottle is take 1 tab 3 time daily or as needed it is generic for compazine please explain to me what this medication is for thank you

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Verwon Says:

If they gave you no other information on the medication and offered you no counseling about it, then they have broken the law and you should complaint he next time you go in. Under US federal law, they are required to do so. They did not provide you any information for your safety.

This is Prochlorperazine 10mgs, a generic, as you said, for Compazine. This is an antiemetic, which means it is used to help prevent or stop nausea and vomiting.

Here's the link to the monograph with more information:


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hromero Says:

Is Prochlorper to Nauseas

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desirae clark Says:

My grandma is on alot of medication. Is there a site where I can go to enter all her meds and see if there could be any interactions.

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alex Says:

I had kidney Stone , II was told to take this by mouth every 6 hours? I need something for the pain until I could pass it.

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Oolipsus jarmane Says:

I'm on 5o mg of proclor an 1800 mg of lyrica and I feel great.

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