Private Methadone Doctors In Nj

Glor Says:

Can someone please guide me in the right direction for a private methadone doctor in NJ? I was going to a clinic and owe them way too much money from nonpayment. My max dose was 40 mgs and I've been dropped to 10 mgs in 4 days. I need a doctor asap. Thanks!

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Cats68 Says:

Dear glor, if you r on methadone due 2 addiction, it's against the law 4 doctors 2 give out methadone. If it's 4 pain management, some Doctors will give it out. GOOD LUCK!

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BL Says:

By law you have to go to a Methadone Clinic if you're taking Methadone for substance abuse. If someone is taking it for pain management, they will need their medical records from the previous dr. There will also have to be diagnostic test results/diagnosis in the medical records.

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Frankie Says:

Need doctor in north jersey that proscribes methadone

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katt Says:

Sure I can help u out. I have been on a few methadone programs in nj. Any way u can say where in nj or name some counties ur near?If not i'll just give u some of the clinics u can go to.

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Glor Says:

Hi Thank you for your reaponse. Since my post above, ive found a local doctor whom prescribes me Suboxone. Im doing well with the Suboxone. Thank you!

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Glor Says:

Thank for responding. I know how it works being prescribed Methadone. However since my post above, ive found a doctor whom prescribes Suboxone privately and im doimg do well with it. Thank you!

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Nikki Says:

I am in Camden county and want a private doc not a clinic. Any suggestions?

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Lauren Says:

Hey I really need help finding a private doc in nj that will prescribe me methadone. I do have an mri and pain issues.. I'm located in essex county, Monmouth county, but am willing to travel. Please email me, {edited for privacy} w/ docs info that prescribe methadone so I don't have to keep going to the clinic every day.. Thanks so much!!!

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BayBay Says:

Can you send me any info on doctors in North jersey that prescribe methadone please. I have all my mri and RX info I was prescribed it for many years and my doctor recently relocated without warning. I'm in a bad situation I have medicare (not medicaid) but willing to pay out of pocket.

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Kris Says:

I am in Ocean County but the very southern end (closer to Burlington or Atlantic Counties). I have Medicare. I use the medication for pain management, not addiction treatment. I am looking for a pain management doctor who will prescribe this and take my insurance. Do you know of any?

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Pete Says:

Hello, looking for help, I'm being treated with Methodone now for about 4-5 yrs and my doctor moved outta state..He referred everyone to another doctor which after bout 2 months suddenly closed and left me in a real situation over here....I know it's a long shot since it seems like nobody wants to help out but at this point I'm at a loss and hoping that someone will help point me in the right direction

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Heather Says:

Looking for a dr in South Jersey that prescribes methadone instead of going to a clinic everyday. Husband went to 3 day detox and they had him on methadone, Suboxone doesn't work for him, he's been on it. Desperately need a dr for him so he can see his son again. I will not allow visitation until he kicks this habit.

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Pattyfeo Says:

I went through suboxone got off drugs then year later I couldn't deal with the pain I truly have is real did see a Dr that subscribed methadone but I needed more then 2 /10 mg pills a day if I had 4 a day.I wouldn't relax

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gto Says:

Re: BayBay (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

yes she left and went to india her staff resigned two weeks ago she never came back not in w caldwell anymore

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