Private Methadone Clinics/doctors In Nothern Michigan

beaUtiful Says:

Hey..i just moved here and have ben on methadone for several years for cronic pain. and i am having a hard time finding a doctor that will for sure write it..i pay for the doc visit but then they say dont wanta write that narcotic i normally get 18o a month and need help finding a private clinic that will help me with getting my medicine here now cuz this is my permanent residence now..please help

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BL Says:

Are you seeing Pain Managements Drs ? They have to get your previous medical records. Even with the records, each dr has their own way of prescribing meds, especially with new patients. You will just have to stick with one for a while and not ask for Methadone. Although there is no guarantee they will prescribe you the Methadone.

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freddy Says:

Are you going to pain management doctors ? A lot of standard doctors won't prescribe it. But if you contact your old doctor they should be able to contact someone out there or verify your prescription and records, because methadone isnt just some medicine you can just stop taking.

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