Private Doctor That Prescribe Methadone For Chronic Pain

Foz Says:

I've been taking methadone now for months for my chronic back pain,he being the one who offered the methadone,it has changed my life for the better and I'm one to only take as prescribed never would abuse,so last month he tells me he wants to take me off how cruel,I totally REFUSE to go back to that deep dark pain depression I have experienced so now I'm so upset that I'm frightened to go back next month,but feel like he thinks it's a joke and I'm going to beg him.I swear this methadone has completely changed my life for the best because of its extended relief,I go to bed happy and I wake up happy,I don't lay around the house all day nodding off so why me I live in cohoes ny which is close to Albany,but again Im FRIGHTENED HELP FOZ

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Jeff Says:

Whatever happened Foz? With your Methadone treatment?

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theblock75 Says:

I know this is an old thread but I was prescribed 30 mg per day. my doctor left the clinic to work at the VA.

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Alan Houston Tx Says:

I think Foz was lying - he is hooked on the methadone and his Dr. should have seen his opiate tolerance; and has finally realized it. I'm sure Foz is in a methadone clinic somewhere.

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Brett Says:

It's ashamed Drs don't understand the long relief and no high methadone gives. It's a wonderful drug for long term chronic pain but they want to put us on something that works for 3 hours and then it's take another pill or start withdrawing. It's the same here in Mississippi. I've been on it for 15 yrs now all the sudden my Dr retired and now can't find a Dr to prescribe it . It's horrible. Everyone needs to contact the CDC

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Doc88 Says:

Re: Brett (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Methadone is probably one of the worst ideas for long-term pain ever and if you ever would possibly say there's no high on methadone you're insane. Why do you think there is long lines outside those methadone clinics everywhere? Because people get high on it. Granted you don't get high on it forever but they're still getting something off of it and they're still get going up on their dose and they're also shooting it up. I've seen it with my own eyes and it is insane. Just take your Suboxone, ween down off that, because methadone is very very bad.

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