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I started pristiq approx 5 weeks ago and altho my doctor assured me that it was a weight neutral drug I have easily gained 12 pounds and right exactly around the middle. I have been very careful not to consume more calories and have even been more active. I am very concerned that the weight gain will continue or will it just become a side effect that the body gets used to and eventually levels out? I do feel so much better on the drug and this has been my only side effect. I have a small frame however, and a dozen pounds all in the same spot is hard to conceal especially in the warmer weather. If anyone has any thoughts on some solutions other than discontinuing the drug I would greatly appreciate the advice. I sure wish that all these antidepressants did not come with some major trade offs.

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Verwon Says:

Pristiq is an SNRI antidepressant that contains the active ingredient Desvenlafaxine.

Weight gain from taking it does not happen to everyone, but drugs can affect different people in different ways and most of the antidepressants in this class do cause it for a lot of people.

However, it should not continue indefinitely, as your body gets used to the medication it should level off.

You may also experience other side effects such as: nausea, drowsiness and dry mouth.

Read more here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Sdsofine Says:

I have been taking Pristiq now for 9 months I too have gained about 20 ponds, I am 53 and all in the mid section. Also I noticed lack of energy and always tired and sleepy. Is this normal or should I be concered. My doctor has told me it will level out, but it has not.

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Pristiq user Says:

I have been on Pristiq and am about to go to the doctor to get off. I have gained 40 pounds - have tried desperately to lose it - and then have gained it all back. At one point I was eating 1200 calories a day, exercising 30 minutes and still stayed the same or gained a pound.

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Creativeasset Says:

I've been on Pristiq for 10 months. I've recently noticed a weight gain, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with the Pristiq, too. However, I am under several life stressors right now, which may be contributing. I've gained about 15 lbs., but really noticed it in the last 5 months, when I moved to a new place and help a family where I also live. That is likely a contributor, too. I was not working out as much as normal and I was eating too much, too. So, all of it is likely contributing. I do know that if your Leptin is too high (often caused by too much sugar or starchy carbs in the diet), it can cause weight gain specifically in the mid section, too. The Rosedale Diet is a great book for this. It's balanced and healthy.

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done with pristiq Says:

After being on pristiq for 4 months for treatment of hot flashes and gaining about 7 pounds right around my middle, I found this and other website. I have weaned myself off of it completely and am working hard to lose the weight, but it's not budging. And I am waking up several times during the night. Any ideas out there?

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Pristiq weight gain; Not me Says:

I have been on Pristiq since 04/2010 and have actually lost weight; more than 14 lbs.I experienced tiredness, dizziness and a bit of nausea the first 3 days but no other side effects. I take my 50mg dose first thing in the morning rather than at night because it made me hyper, maybe because I feel so much better. I work out an hour every evening after work which has helped with the weight loss. I no longer crave greasy, starchy foods or caffeine-which is a HUGE departure for me. I was on amitriptyline, citalopram and fluoxetine (not at the same time) and I gained weight on each of those drugs. I hope and pray you find something that works well for you.

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Creativeasset Says:

I'm wondering if I should talk with my doctor about weaning off of Pristiq. I had been on Effexor XR for 9 years, prior to going on Pristiq. I was put on Effexor XR to help with mild ADHD anxiety, in order to help me focus better. It did help, but I gained 30 lbs., which has been an identical side effect of others whom I know have been on Effexor XR. They gained 30 lbs., then lost it once they weaned off of it. I, however, gained it, then worked hard to lose it, lost it, then when it seemed time to come off of it...after 9 years...I tried. As I was weaning off of it, I dealt with some normal withdrawal side effects, then felt better than ever! However, within a couple of months, my chemicals became imbalanced and I felt I was constantly trying to keep myself from crying. It was very difficult. I ended up having to go on another anti-depressant (Pristiq) to balance my chemistry out so I could function again. Now, I've gained almost 20 lbs. and feel so frustrated. Few of my clothes fit me and I just feel yucky with this extra weight. I really want to talk to my doc about weaning off of it, yet I feel a little afraid that I'll get imbalanced again, and depressed and emotional again...afraid of the withdrawal. However, my doc did mention that they often use Prozac or other antidepressants to patients trying to wean off of Effexor or Pristiq, so that the withdrawal is not so dramatic. Then, once off of the Effexor or Pristiq, we can wean off the Prozac. Supposedly, Prozac doesn't make people gain weight as seems to be typical of Effexor or Pristiq. Even so, I wish I could get off these meds completely.
I do know that a nutritional thing I've tried, has been very beneficial in helping me focus, helping my mood and helping increase my metabolism so I can lose the weight. I started making it available to people through my website, if you're interested in trying it. Might be helpful to you.
It's called PHYTO-THERMA CONTROL. It's awesome and tastes like hot chocolate or chai tea with cinnamon. It's great in water, hot or cold or in coffee. It's in a powder form. Anyway, I recommend it. Feel free to try it.



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Pristiq Weight Gain; Not Me Says:

Hi Mandy. The best time to take Pristiq depends upon you. My MD had me taking it at night but I couldn't sleep as it made me hyper. I also had this happen with my blood pressure meds. Now I take all 3 in the morning. My MD had me take half of the 50mg tablet(difficult to cut due their shape) for 2 days and on the third day I took a full 50mg dose. Hope this helps.

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7yearnightmare Says:

I have been on Cipramil and now Pristiq for the last 7 years, between the two antidepressants I have gained 35kg - (70lb plus) I am now 57 and my weight only increases, never did I have a weight problem prior - in my first 50 years of life...If anyone can help, I would be so grateful. diet suggestions please as I have tried them all to no avail :(

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Juli Moore Says:

I'm 49 years old & have been taking Pristiq for about 2 1/2 months and have gained 15 pounds around the middle. I also have problems with hot flashes. I also said something to my doctor & the pharmacist & it's supposed to stop. I had gastro-by-pass 10 years ago & have tried very hard to maintain my weight (this is stressing me out). I'm going to talk to my doctor about using Prozac to wein me off Pristiq. I don't like the weight gain, the sweating. I'm also trying to exercis & get the weight off.

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nancy Says:

I have gained weight too, about 7 pounds over six months. Like everyone else says, I feel better, I work out more, I eat less, but I still gain weight, and I am not amused. It's a hard price to pay, but Lexapro, which I took for years, just stopped working one day, and that was not so much fun.

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daisy Says:

i also have gained weight on pristiq, and also in the midsection which is confusing as I am a Pilates/Yoga teacher. I have currently taken myself off pristiq and my psychiatrist is talking about taking prozac or pristiq with topirimate. Pristiq made my feel better than ever, but the weight gain is too depressing itself. I would love any thoughts on taking the topiramate with prozac or pristiq.

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jan Says:

I too have gained weight over the past 6 months on the Pristiq!! I want off of it. I eat less and less and gain more and more... this is nuts!! and like others... all in the mid section. Will see Doc next week and I will get myself off of this!! I will not take any med that causes weight gain I have enough issues with that don't need a drug that makes it worse!!!!

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daisy Says:

I was advised by my primary care physician that the weight gain was caused by the antidepressants, and advised me to talk to my psychiatrist about getting off antidepressants. I tapered off and had no side-effects. I feel fine and the weight came off over a month and a half time period with dieting and exercise.
I do have to qualify that I was never on a high dose of antidepressant, and my depression is greatly helped with therapy. That is not true with everybody. But Pristiq, and any antidepressant, can definitely cause weight gain especially in the midsection. I wish you luck.

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Carol Says:

Pristiq causes weight gain it is the first thing the doctor told before he would prescribe it? It is a know fact everyone gains on this drug even athletes. Stay away from this drug unless you want to be fat and depressed. On the other hand Zoloft works wonders and no weight gain at all.

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Michelle Says:

I have gained 10 lbso n Pristiq in 9 months. I have also suffered from SEVERE constipation. I manage it somewhat with Miralax 3 times a day. However, the bloating caused by the consitpation paired with the weight gain are extremely depressing especially since I work out 4-6 times a week at high intensity and manage my diet. I also developed cholecystitis and had to have my gallbladder removed. My PCP suggests weaning off the Pristiq b/c of the severe constipation and wt gain; I was on Lexapro for several years with no side effects but the med seemed to lose its effectiveness so I switched. I started taking antidep. 12 years ago b/c of panic disorder. Now I feel dependent on them b/c whenever i have tried to wean off all sorts of depressive symptoms and anxiety comes on. Any thoughts?

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Mary Says:

I've been on Pristiq for about 2 months, and although I do feel much better emotionally, I also have gained about 15 pounds! This is really upsetting me! I called my doctor and told him, and asked if I could go back on Prozac because I never had any weight problems on Prozac. Problem is, the prozac just seemed to STOP working! But I'd rather try them again than gain weight! Gaining weight will DEFINITELY make me depressed! My doctor said "No, because the prozac stopped working for me". But I've decided to STOP the pristiq and go to another doctor. I REFUSE to get FAT from a pill! If I'm going to get fat, it's going to be from good FOOD, not a pharmaceutical! My doctor insists pristiq does NOT cause weight gain. But it's the only thing I've done differently in my life since I started gaining weight! NO MORE PRISTIQ FOR ME!!

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Suki Says:

I gained twenty pounds on Zoloft, twenty on Prozac and am starting to rise on Pristiq. But you can bet I'll be off it if I gain more than ten pounds. I wish they'd figure out what causes this and FIX it already. I too was told Pristiq was weight neutral.

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Bev Says:

I have the same problem even though my Doctor assured me I was wrong. 20 lb in 7 months is NOT wrong. I am going off it. I feel like a stuffed pig.

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