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taken for vitamins while pregnant

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Verwon Says:

Wow, there are tons of these on the market, both over the counter and prescription. Without knowing the exact name or an imprint if there is one on the tablet, I cannot tell you anything about it, other than they are generally multivitamins used to make sure the mother has enough nutrients to ensure a health pregnancy and delivery for both her and the baby.

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Verwon Says:

Just under the name Prenatab there are several different products:

Prenatabs CBF
Prenatabs FA
Prenatabs RX

and other prenatal vitamin options:

Prenatabs CBF
Prenatabs FA
Prenatabs RX
Prenatal 1-A-Day
Prenatal 19
Prenatal AD
Prenatal CBF
Prenatal Formula 3
Prenatal H
Prenatal MR 90 Fe
Prenatal MTR with Selenium
Prenatal Plus
Prenatal Plus Tablets
Prenatal Plus w/ 27 mg Iron Tablets
Prenatal Plus with Iron Tablets
Prenatal Rx
Prenatal Rx 1
Prenatal Rx with Beta-Carotene
Prenatal U
Prenatal Z New Advanced Formula
Prenate Advance
Prenate Elite
Prenate GT
Prenavite FC

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