Potassium Cl Er Meq Ta And Potassium Cl Tb Meq Sr Mc

Betty Says:

What is the difference in the two medicines? I have two prescriptions. One costs nothing for 90 pills; the other one costs $13.37 for 30 pills. Can I take the lower priced medicine? Both potassium cl er and potassium cl tb are 20 meq each.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, unless your doctor, or pharmacist says otherwise, you can take either or.

However, the FDA, does warn that it can cause some nausea due to its potency, so it should be taken with food.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Lara Says:

I just received my mail order pharmacy prescription for potassium cl sr mc tb 20meq (and furosemide tab 20mg). 2 of the pot chlor pills are broken. Is this safe or do i need to order 2 more pills? This same thing happened with my last shipment and i wonder if they'll believe me that it happened again. Is it safe to take the 2 halves of a broken pill? Can I dissolve it in water? I had some once that i was told i could do the latter but i don't know if these are the same type. Thank you.

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Ike Says:

Re: Lara (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

My mail order tablets were free and occasionally broken. Two half pills are equal to one. The local pharmacy cost. The difference is the insurance coverage agreement between the insurance folks and the pharmacy.

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