Potassium 20 Meq Tab

Woody Says:

Can I take 2 tabs of pot chor a once

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karen Says:

hi woody why do you want to take 2? 2-20mg=40mg which is a commonly prescribed dose, but too much potassium can be just as bad as not enough. if your on water pills and its causing leg cramps you may need a higher dose, you should check with your doc.

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saoirse Says:

I know it's sometimes easier to take two doses of potassium at once, but it is not a good idea. Your body doesn't store potassium, so you'll have too much for part of the day and none for the rest of the day. That defeats the purpose of two doses.

If you double-up on the liquid form of potassium, it may act like a very strong, fast laxative. Your body will rid itself of too much liquid potassium. It's annoying & you will not have the potassium you need.

Potassium is a serious drug and should be taken only as directed. The fact that small doses are included in some vitamins does not make it something to play with.

If you really want to double up on your dose, talk to your doctor. Potassium is NOT an innocuous drug and too much is as bad as too little. It is possible to OD on potassium and there are a few recorded deaths from too much taken orally.

It is the final drug used in lethal injections; it is used in very high concentrations given IV. It stops the heart, fast. You do not want to know what undiluted IV potassium feels like going in. I had a nurse start to administer IV potassium incorrectly & I made her stop. It felt like battery acid & I had phlebitis in that vein for months. She finally asked someone how to hang the IV bags, but I had to raise hell. (If something seems wrong in a hospital, speak up. You have a right to straight answers.)

Don't underestimate potassium. It is a prescription drug for a number of reasons.

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VerFree Says:

You should only take the amount prescribed by your doctor, but you can double up, if they have told you to do so.

The main issue is that it is very harsh on the stomach, so taking more could result in most severe stomach pain, and upset. It is best not to take it on an empty stomach.

What has your doctor prescribed?

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