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Para san po ba talaga yung PolyNerv na gamot? Para po ba ito sa buto? Thanks po sa info na ibibigay ninyo. I need more info about this vitamin. Thanks!

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Rose Says:

And, kung anong oras po ito pwedeng inumin? thank you po!

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Verwon Says:

Polynerv 500 is a multivitamin supplement, it contains 500mgs of Vitamin B1, 250mgs of Vitamin B6 and 1mg of Vitamin B12.

These are normally used to help prevent a deficiency of these vital nutrients and to help remedy conditions associated with the lack of them.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Russell Says:

prevent a deficiency of these vital nutrients? so technical! and so general? in leyman's term? for what? pain? muscle?

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Rainier Says:

I'm currently doing my regular exercise during weekends. i suddenly feel a bone and muscle pain on my knee. i was prescribed Polynerv for this matter. is this the right medicine? please help me on this?

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zeth Says:

im currently taking polynerv and i experience too much nausea. is it really normal?

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Verwon Says:

Russell it is hard to say, in the U.S. they are not approved to actually treat medical conditions, unless you can directly pinpoint it to being cause by a lack of the specified nutrients.

There are some conditions caused by a lack of vitamins that can cause pain, this will treat the lack of them, but it will not actually treat the pain.

Zeth, since the side effect profiles have not been studied, since this is a supplement, I can't really say what is normal and what isn't. Some people do experience nausea, but it shouldn't be that severe.

Have you spoken to your doctor about it?


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jane Says:

in what condition is polynerve 1000 be given to or taken by a 10 year old child?

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MY2 Says:

low poh.. twagin u n lng me cute.. months ago po ngpacheck up po me sa ob about kung mbuntis ako,sabi nya,wala man sakin dipierensya,pero my konting infection lng sakin,nerisetahan nya po me ng poly nerve e w/ lecithin pra dw pangtulong n mabuntis agad me para po b sa pgpapabuntis yun?/ sana po mgreply po kyo...tnx..

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twice Says:

ang polynerv po ba ay pampatangkad?

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unyo Says:

good afternoon po!! ako po si unyo tanong ko lng po kung para san ang polynerv vitimin complex? thanks

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sherryl Says:

How much is polynerv 500? is it once a day to intake?

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myrna Says:

pwede po ba sa buntis ang polynerv 500 kasi po neresetahan ang misis ko dahil sya ay anemic at namamanhid ang kanyang braso thanks po.

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Orange Says:

Polynerve pede ba sa nagbubuntis?

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jing yamasita Says:

Pra saan ba talaga ang polynerv ... pra sa brain ba?

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air Says:

Yes. Polynerv ay pwede sa buntis, im on may 9 wks na, polynerv is one the prescription by my ob, i take it 3x day.

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dith Says:

anu po b ang polynerv 500. when do i take it morning or evening?

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scorpion lady Says:

same lang po ba ang polenrv at alanerv?

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Ruth Says:

Hi it's not the same po! Polynerv is plain B-complex po.. B1,B6 and B12. Thanks

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Ruth Says:

Polynerv 500 po is a nerve soothing vitamin. Generic is Vitamin B-Complex. You can take it anytime of the day best after meal po. Thanks

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Ruth Says:

Yup pwede po sa pregnant. Safe po and widely used po ang polynerv ng OB doctors.

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