Poison Tablet Name And Where Can I Get It

bharath Says:

Can I know the poison name... Also could u pls let me know from where and how do you get it? At least it should take 6 months to work. Pls suggest me on same...

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bharath Says:


Please help me on the above query... I really don't want to lead my life anymore... But I cont die suddenly due to family issue. .. So request to help me on the above details.

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bharath Says:

Pls share me the details.... I don't want to leave in this world any more.... I want to pass away at earliest.... I beg u ppl... Please share the details... If I go for suside means my parents will come to know that I did it wantedly... So if I die because of decises, so that my parents will not come to know... Please help me on the same pls pls pls pls....

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Deenu Says:

Hi Dear Bharaht. I dnt knw the reason why you wants to commit sucide. But i must say one thing. Dost Bharath. Life Is Never End After Death Also. So Never Do That Think About Your Parents. Tc god bless u. May god gives u long life.

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tarun Says:

Sir i have fight with my life...now i was lose and i couldnot run my life so please share the details

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bharath Says:

Hello Deenu, thank you for replying my query. Has I mentioned in the above thread. I don't want to lead my life anymore since my gf didn't accepted me. As per your point regarding my parents, I have no issue on them, because I have one younger brother who can take care of them very well. But for me my gf is very important. I cont lead my life with out her. So I request ppl to suggest me on the same... Its my humbel request...

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Rishikesh choudahry Says:

Hello Sir.i am from bihar. i stay in mumbai cuffeparade. colaba. i am working in ohcs company. sir i am strangling in it field but still now i am not success full person in mumbai. i love her. she does not accept my proposal. so i don;t want to live in this world. please share mu details. my parents will come to know that I did it wanted... So if I die because of decides, so that my parents will not come to know. so please help me..please give me a solution. as soon as possible. thank you so much

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bharath Says:

Hello choudahry, pls don't take such type of decision in u r life... Look u have proposed gul, if she didn't accepted means that her bad luck.... Don't worry friend u get one more good gul in u r life... Wait for her... Don't take anything has a serious....

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Rishikesh choudahry Says:

I am desktop Engineer. i don't have time. i apply on my body. i clefts my life..
due to please suggest me which tablet do i take to die..
please tell me soon ...sir ji

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Maruliya Says:

Friends we are all Human Being. Possible kill your problem not youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

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xxx Says:

hai sir what the suggestions are given is good. but the person is decided to die is right in is way bcoz the person is not mad for simple to die

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Mohit Says:

Hey bharat same here . I m unable to live anymore . plzz help ..tell me the common poision tablets

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swati barik Says:

hi sir...mey swati ....mujhe aachi nahi lagti...mey meri jindegi se thak chuki hun ...pyar mey dhoka kha chuki hun...mujhe aachi nahi lagti...akele hun...mey pregnant hun..kaise jiun...mo parents nku mu mo face dekhei paruni....jadi semane janibe tao semane sahiparibini..so plz mujhe bataye aisi poision Jo mey spot death ho jayegi meri...plz sir.mey aapko request karti hun...

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Amit Says:

Swati why do you wanna commit? If your partner ditched you then you should also move on.

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