Pms Zopiclone/elavil

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car accient caused me from baley sleeping and in alot of pain, t11 collapsed
wanna know if there something different to use, cause they seem to barley work

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carolyn Says:

Hi, i've been taking PMS Zopiclone for a couple of years, and suddenly they stopped working. Can any one tell me why that is ?. I would really like to know!

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Lau Says:

Hi, the reason they have stopped working is because you have developed a tolerance to them. This happens with many, if not all sleeping meds. You may wish to talk to your doc about going on a higher dosage or perhaps changing to a different medication. I find it helps to take them every other day, or even once every third night to stop your body from getting used to it. Changing to ambien may help or going from one script of ambien for one course then back to zopiclone and do that alternately. Always best to speak to your doc though as I am not a doctor! Seek medical advice. But I would be certain in saying you have developed a tolerance to them! Best of luck!

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