Pms Score 10 On One Side Round Orange Pill

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i found a small orangy/salmon round pill, about 1/2 centimetre wide. on one side it has pms imprinted, and a full score, and a 10. there is nothing on the other side at all. what could it be?

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Verwon Says:

Several of these have popped up in posts recently, however, they are not listed in the U.S. prescription drug databases.

I know several others have been identified as containing prescription substances, so that leads me to believe it is a pill from a foreign source.

I wish I could help more, but I will keep searching.

Where was it found?

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denny Says:

where was it found?

i found it in the carpet when i was vacuuming. i just want to acsertain wether it was something i was given or something left by another tenant and should i discard it.

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cagedtiger Says:

I have the exact same pill. I know it's made by pharmascience in Canada, but still can't figure out what it is!
Actually, I have two that are made by the same co in Canada. One is a darker orange pill, scored on one side, PMS at the top and 10 on the lower half, then nothing on the back. The second one I have is a lighter orange colored pill, also round and this one has the P logo in a circle that the co uses on one side and the other side is scored and the upper half has an L and the lower half has a 5 imprinted in it.

Any ideas as to what these can be? Thank you so much for any help in advance!

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