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fifty Says:
I have been taking 3 to 4 8mg (24-32mgs) Dilaudid pills at 1 time usually around 3:00pm everyday for about 2 1/2 years now for back and nerve damage and would like to know the best way, medication, and dosage to get off this drug, also how long and how bad I will feel detoxing. The only time I have energy and feel good is the 2 or 3 hours after taking the drugs. Every muscle and bone in my body aches like I have a severe case of arthritis , i'm sleepy-but can't sleep an entire night, get a runny nose, yawn constantly and tired. I just want to feel normal again. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 50

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Verwon Says:
Wow, I am very sorry to hear about your problem. The safest way to get off the medication would be under medical supervision.

Have you spoken to your doctor about this?

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Nevada Says:
I have the same problem as 50. I have been on Dilaudid for over 5 years and have been trying to get off them for over 2.5 years. I build up a tollerance and have to take more then I have to wein myself off to come back down to the regular dosage only to start all over again. This is the worst addiction ever. Nobody understands how bad I want to get off my boyfriend thinks I take them to get high but he doesnt understand I need them just to get through the day.

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Verwon Says:
You might want to look into adddiction treatment with Suboxone, you can check their website for doctors in your area. Click Here

Counseling would probably also help you, since you feel you need them to get through the day,

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slamb3 Says:
I'm very sorry to hear about your pain and tolerance issues. If you want to truly get away from Dilaudid you need to be reffered to a pain clinic so they can help manage your pain. They can help you find ways to manage your pain your other physicians may have never considered.
Unfortunately narcotics do result in tolerance with continued use and psychological dependance. If you have tried to quit you understand the extreme anxiety associated with missing doses, it's almost like needing oxygen, your brain tells you you're not going to makeit without taking your next dose and we can't help what our brain tells us. If you held your breath for a full minute or so your brain wants oxygen and responds the same way...i won't make it if I don't get a breath.. This is obviously a poor comparison but this is the level of anxiety produced in the brain when entering acute withdrawal, trust me I know from experience. It's not anyone's fault your mind and body have grown tolerant and dependant on opiods after long term use, it's a natural response unfortunately which requires pain management professionals and possibly an addictionologist (i use one) to help manage the psychological portion of discontinuing the use of long term opiods. I hope this sort of makes sense.

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Pat Says:
I feel for you all,I know how you feel because I have been there.Opiates are wonderful drugs. They work so good for pain, but the side affect is tolerance which is unfortunate, but it is the price we pay for wanting to live a somewhat normal life..I was put on opiates when I was 14 years old for dysmenorrea, and I became dependent when I didn't even know what that word meant.By the time I was 20 years old, I found myself kicking dihydrocodeine cold turkey because my doctors secretary retired and she was the one calling the pharmacy for my medication, 50 capsules of Synalgos DC every 10 days, not including the ones I was getting from my friends. My doctor gave me Melleril and fiorinol and told me there was nothing more he could do for me.In the early 1970's there was no Betty Ford centers, there was no addiction is a diease. and no doctor would consider seeing me,. so I was left with my own devices, NOT GOOD. Long story short, I am a drug addict and at 54 years old I have been on methadone for 20+ years. I am not complaining and I am not blaming anyone. My doctor was incompitant for giving me an open prescription of narcotics at 14 years old, but I am responsible for my own actions since I became an adult. The reason I am telling you this, is you have so many more options today than 30 years ago. Today there are pain managment clinics, there are doctors who are addictionoligists, and there are new pain medications that may not be as addicting..Tje most important advice I cam give you is to not try to do this alone. it won't work, I had tried it too many times. I have never taken diladid, but I hear it is a very hard drug to come off of, so please tell your doctor so he/she
can send you to a pain managment clinic where they can help you get off of dilaudid and give you something else if need be. From the sound of it, you aren;t addicted to the diladid, you are dependent, and there is a HUGE difference.There is no reason for you to suffer from chronic pain today because medicine has come a long way since my day. Whatever you choose to do, find a doctor who is empathetic to you and your pain and tolerance issues.Good luck and you will be in my thoughts

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charles watson sr. Says:
a scene from dilaudids hydromorphone

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Pat Says:
Hi Fifty..First off, you need to talk to your doctor, don't try to taper off of these by yourself, it won't work, I have been there. May I ask you why you are wanting to quit useing this medication? Are you still in pain and if you are how you you plan to do without medication? I really feel for you because I know what it feels like to kick opiates, and it is hell..If you still have severe pain, ask your PCP to send you to a pain clinic where they can treat your pain the way a regular family doctor can't. If you aren't in pain anymore, ask your doctor to refer you to a methadone clinic or to a doctor who can give you suboxone..One thing, suboxone is not a very good pain medication. Just whatever you do, don't try to do it alone.My thoughts are with you...

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Sandra Says:
Pat, while I agree with you that Fifty should seek a doctor's help, you made another statement that isn't necessarily true. You said that trying to taper off of Dilaudid alone won't work. That depends on the person and the situation. I was taking 32mg of Dilaudid every 3 to 4 hours and at the same time was taking 1200mg of morphine every 12 hours and I tapered off of the Dilaudid completely and my morphine usage is down to 200mg every 12 hours. I did that entirely on my own - no help from my doctor, no help from any substitute medication, no visits to any clinic - just me slowly reducing the amounts I was taking, over time. So while I don't recommend that method to anyone else, please don't tell people it can't be done, because it can.

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Laurie O'Harra Says:
Hi: I had a laminectomy in Jan and have Dilaudid was the only pain medicine I could use after surgery. After 8 weeks on 10-12 mg every 24 hours, for the last 6 months it's been 2-4 mg a day. Had a disagreement with my pain doctor. He's telling me to try Lyrica and I can't be tired at my job so I terminated my relationship with him 2 weeks ago. For the last two weeks I've been cutting my pillis in 1/4's and I have only 1/4 of a 2 mg pill left for tonite. I still have pain but am taking 2400 iburprofen, 1000 tylenol, 4 Robaxin a day, and 1 -2 Darvocet a day, but not every day with the Darvocet. Will I be okay. I was having sort of a panic attack this a.m. but I feel better. There is no way I can afford to go to a pain clinic. I feel okay, but still have the pain. I will probably call my regular dr. on Monday. Any thoughts? Thank you

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sharon Says:
I am on 10 to 12 pills a day and it is hard to come off of them .Well My boyfriend did'nt know that I was a needle user until he found one in my kitchen floor, But He has never done or been around someone that users so this was new to him He is still with me and he is tryin to help me but don't know how , I have tryed to quiet so much. It is not funny .I have tryed the Methdone and it works but I justs got tried of drive to Nashville every day .But you don't ever look at that I was having to drive to Nashville to go and get them Dilaudid everyday ,.And got tried of doing that .So I am want to justs lay in my bed and go cooled turkey off of them .Someone that has never done them it hard for them to understand what I am going throw. My kids are there for me but they do not like seeing me like this So I was going to try this Suboxdone I hope it works .This is my last chances and I hope it works.Let god be on my side and get this DEIVL OFF OF MY BACK

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Willow Says:
I have been addicted to pain meds for 3 years i mean really addicted to them.I would snort 15 2mgs a day but the sad thing is no one knows about my addiction. i want to get off of it so badly but dont know how i should special since i am being prescibed them for back pain. Every morning i wake up crabby and have bad stomach aches just for wanting them, i just dont want to let my mom an fiance down. If anyone has any ideas about how to tell my love ones about my addiction that would be sweet.

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miabella1 Says:
I have been on Dilaudid for 2 years for spinal cord injury and nerve damage. It was a god send to me because of the intense pain that it seemed to just take away and give me a new life. The most i was on was 8 mg x 4 times per day. Now after a spinal fusion, the drs want me off the meds and made me sign a waver stating I would follow their tapering program which I am. It is very hard though. I have been given robaxin inbetween and down to 1 mg dilaudid times 2 per day.At night I feel edgy and weird like I have to move. I have nightmares. I found some old percostat and cut that up to lessen the out of control feelings. My dr does not really understand nor empathize, nor husband understand. I feel so alone and depressed. Is is normal to just want to curl up in a ball and sleep.My skin feels weird and body aches all over. I cannot tell what is real pain or what is withdrawl pain. The drs say that I will have some pain forever given my spinal cord injury, cauda equina syndrome. I am at end of rope and very sad. I do not know what to do. We have structured insurance that only has limited access to pain management. They are making me feel like a drug addict when this all happened so innocently. Now I feel doomed. Also it feels like clothes even hurt my body.Anyone else feel this way? What is best way to proceed. I have 11 pills left which I cut up, then thats it.I feel like I don't know if I can bear it. How long does the withdrawl last? Can I just sleep through it someway? Also, I find myself drinking to easy the uneasy and bone/muscle pains.
advise please

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miabella1 Says:
To Willow;
You sound very sweet and like someone who really DOES want to come off of them. Most people are very empathetic with others when they are really honest and forthright. If you really want to come off of them, you have to find the courage to ask for help and understanding. I know what that feels like because you are afriad they will treat you like a criminal. Honesty is best policy. Do you have medical insurance? Find out what they cover and make a plan. It will only get worse and you sound like a very good sweet person who deserves a great life free of addiction.

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miabella1 Says:
Let me know how you do. I am down to 11 pills which I cut in half/ 1 mg x 2 times per day. I know the panic feeling. How are the other drugs working for you/ darvocet and robaxin. I am taking robaxin too but it doesn't seem to make a dent in the pain and withdrawl. curious how the other meds all work when you go without the dilaudid. Thanks! from Miabella

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miabella1 Says:
It is a sad story that you have. I feel for you and feel your sadness and guilt. It is never too late to come off drugs entirely. You have life ahead of you and clearly have desire to live strong and happy life!
Don't give up! Let go and let someone else help you out. Many prayers....

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mryhenry125 Says:
been there, done that, i did it not by choice but was behind bars and had no choice but it worked, i was rescued, it took about 14 days for the feeling to go away.

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miabella1 Says:
thanks least I know there is end to my pain. Today I cried at ust about everything that came my way, and was a total wimp! lol. I just pampered myself and told myself I can get through this! Maybe I am grieving this stupid habitual drug.It is an enemy yet was my best friend,,,go figure. I wrote my dr and asked her to be empathetic otherwise if she couldn't do this, I needed a pain management dr who could understand. I guess it is really about advocating for OURSELVES and instead of playing the victim card taking control and finding people that will support us rather then put us down for our addiction. Thank you all for the supportive comments. Just knowing that I am not alone really helps me. I don't want to get into a pity party game either and sometimes we can do this easily if we find way to make excuses. Bottom line is that I want and will get my life back, hope everyone here does too! God bless.

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Lady3 Says:
I take 8 4mg tabs of Dilaudid daily for cancer. Been on this for almost two years. How do I wean myself off these safely.

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Betsy Says:
I have been on 2 mg of Dilaudid and 3 Ultracet per day since February 19. I had rotator cuff surgery, and this is the only thing that worked. I still have a little pain, but these pills help me sleep! Without them, I am up all night. Any ideas on how to wean myself off? Thanks.

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50 Says:
i have finally weaned myself off dalaudid, i have'nt taken one for 4 days now. yesterday i threw over 100 8mg. pills in the garbage disposal. i am for the first time drug free in years, i am not achy, my head feels more clear, i just have been unable to sleep more than 3 hours a night, but hopefully that will come back soon. i can honestly say, this is the hardest thing i have ever done, i just cut back a pill every couple of weeks, the last month is hell. thanks again for all the help.

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