Please Help Me Find A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone

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dw Says:

I fractured my right eye my nose was torn of my face my right check bone and the roof of my mouth was broken to pieces. Iv been on methadone 4 yrs it was free until I moved to colorado springs. It has cost me 800$ so far at the clinic. Please if anyone knows where I can find a doctor help me.

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry you're having such difficulties and I really hate to add any bad news to the mix, but if you've been going to an addiction treatment clinic, then that is likely to give you a problem.

If they have it noted in your medical records that you've been treated there for addiction, then a regular doctor isn't going to want to prescribe it for you, because they aren't allowed to prescribe it for addiction treatment.

Learn more Methadone details here.

I know this isn't fair for people that resorted to such a thing just to get help with their pain, but that is the way the laws are written.

Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? They may have some ideas that could help.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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dw Says:

R u a doctor?

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Carl Says:

I don't think you need it now. I just got off Fentanyl that is the strongest drug designed for cancer.11 yrs cold turkey. You will find far less pain without drugs. I know that sounds strange. I never believed it. Happy I went through these withdrawals. Nasty but well worth it. You will find your in far less pain without it. You can have a life again. A lot of people are going cold turkey because the government has been cracking down state to state. My Dr. was arrested for over prescribing and 4 overdoses. Thank god. I feel alive again and very pissed off at the medical community. Not one of my DR.s would help me. They are all fired.

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Brynn Says:

Hi Carl,
This is an old post but I'm curious b/c I am on Fentanyl and I fit the medical criteria to be on it, may I ask if you are in remission or what do you do to deal w/malignant pain? Although before the malignancy was discovered, the pain was still as bad (bone pain is the worst, writhing pain that just wears me out and literally can make me cry or want to cry), so I personally believe RXing should be left to the medical doctors, bit all PM doctors are negligent and irresponsible and when they are (had a few, sometimes the good ones don't take insurance) we with cancer or other debilitating diseases or injuries can use our good sense on how to take these medications to preserve their effectiveness. What was your experience stopping, I can't stop, they'll see me thru until I don't need anything, but I would like to lower my dose, I'm just too sleepy, or just not as verbal or active as I'd like to be so my doc gives me the latitude to dose up or down (within reason, I've NEVER taken any super high doses, already dropped from 100 mcg to 75 mcg, but I did so in stages. How long would you suggest to drop to 62 mcg, heck I was thinking of 50 mcg but my husband just handed me a card that I wrote that says "remind me I can NEVER EVER drop to 50 mcg or less again", I think I should probably listen to that but so little quality time as is, what's worse, pain or feeling tired? I hate both, but I don't know how to decide if the pain makes me more tired b/c I don't sleep. I worry about the messages we send people about pain meds, some people need them and then look at the post from a lady who is addicted and is so ashamed she can't go to anyone for help. I don't know that all pain is equal nor are all people and I think I'm one tough cookie, so does my doctor, so I think we can try to give people the benefit of our experiences, but temper it w/pain being what the patient says it is b/c I only want my doctor, that spent 12 years getting his medical degree (at Harvard and residency at John's Hopkins) giving me medical advice and not insurance companies or government because some doctors not as mindful of their oath to "do no harm", put money before all else. Pretty soon we won't be seeing our doctors anymore, they will all be PA's and no one will treat pain b/c they will be too scared, something's got to give. How about the DEA offers PCPs tax credits for continued education in pain mgmt. AND addiction and stops criminalizing addiction so patients can get the help the need and deserve? Off my soap box, just so tired of desperate and scared patients and the generalization of pain and the meds that treat it. It's horrible to hurt at least we can choose to stop or reduce our meds, many people don't even have the choice or opportunity for relief. Not everyone abuses their meds, and stopping after a decade can be done and where everyone is different, I don't have the horrible withdrawals everyone speaks of, just 5 days of extreme clamminess and anxiety (which is lousy). Please advise, disease causing increased fatigue, pain, medication or all of the above and what was your experience that makes you so down on Fentanyl? Thanks in advance for your reply!

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Carl Says:

No I am not a Dr. I went to a legal pain clinic for chronic pain due to spinal injuries. I had 1 failed back operation and I new not to let them try again. I have meet many people who had multiple operations. That made things worse. I was living on a farm at the time. My own horse farm. Plus a union trucker. Lot of work. Fell out of a tree after the back injury. Landed on and uneven pile of wood. I blew a disc in my neck. sold the farm and got a plate in my neck. I also have a very rare genetic disorder in my muscle grouping. That with everything else required a strong opiate. I don't believe I needed the patch. When your first injured adrenaline rushes through your system increasing pain. I refused to go over 100mg patch. Took cut through pain meds and got hooked. I reduced the cut through meds and got ill constantly ill. No energy or pleasure. I am very happy that my Dr. got charged with over prescribing and I was force off. I felt like I was dying. That is really what the drug Fentanyl was made for. Very potent and long term is meant to mean 1 year. If you have cancer or something that your not expected to live. That is different. I have good organs. I can only speak of the people who did not belong on this drug because they are not dying yet.. Myself included. I am on day 21 cold turkey and doing much better. Still insomnia and other uncomfortable problems. However the pain is dull now. If and when it acts up. I feel so much better no deep muscle pain or headaches plus many of other side effects of this drug. I have my life back. I don't know what exactly your problems are. This is a choice for you and only you. I have a long way to go to rebuild my body and a excellent chiropractor. That I found hard to find. I found 1 who can snap the middle of my back into place again. I am not a doctor and I don't know everyone else's problem. I know pain been in it most of my life. I went to a detox center. They lied about Saboxene being a pain killer and the side effects of that drug was worse then Fentanyl. H users may benefit from it I don't know. I know they trade on the streets and where exchanging phone numbers to sell it. I didn't belong there as I was always to frightened to every stick a needle in my arm. This is a reputable hospital over 150 years old beautiful grounds. A prominent hospital. Sadly they are only set up H and heavy drinker's. I needed a catheter to urinate under stress. I trouble getting any, when I did they still where the wrong kind. I take Zantac for my stomach as I was admitted to a hospital for a week at 23 getting my stomach constantly pumped out of acid. Three tubes down my mouth my stomach was never the same. They didn't have Zantac the only on I can use. Luckily I brought some, although took from me when I checked in. I yelled at them to go get it. They did. I think it is sad that many people have the same experience as mine. There is no help when it comes to medical problems. I don't know your problems and I can not recommend you do the same. I am very happy I remembered how tough I really am. I wish you the best of health and if you decide to go cold turkey and don't have a dangerous Health problems. Look to the sites where people went cold turkey. It is a help to know what your in for so your not scared. Plus it gives you courage to do it. I know I and many, many other people are happy to think clearly again and feel so alive. I lost a of my life on this drug, one I considered my savior because I could not abuse it or I would run out. Carl

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MsTweetie Says:

@Carl.... I think dw was asking Verwon if he was a doctor.

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Katylia Says:

No WAY you got off Fentynal cold turkey man! I was on 125 the patches, and as they took me off all at once, I thought I was going to go crazy, it is i,possible, well maybe it depends on the dose you were on, I highly doubt it! They put me on Methadon, not realizing it was for pain also, so I thought the surgery I had to get rid of pain at same time put on Methadone for withdraw complaints, completely cured my problem, WRONG. The Methadone completely wiped my pain away. I have trigeminal and glossopharyngeal neuralgia. Not sure if I'll ever be totally pain free but med does help. Now to address the problem of where to get it, more and more doctors are not wanting to prescribe, but if you go to a pain specialist, which are basically Anesthesiologist some of them, like mine will prescribe Methadone, and I pick it up at the pharmacy. It is the cheapest drug I am on. lol go figure? RIGHT

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Katylia Says:

Sorry guys, you all are wrong about Fentanyl being JUST for cancer pain, there are other pains that are as bad or worse than cancer pain. Hate to hear about your diagnosis and pray you are all doing well, you and I all know it is imperative to be free of severe pain, due to contributing to allowing us the ability to have clear thoughts about what to do with the options for treatment we are given. I have cranial nerves that have zero coating on them so when they rub together it is like I have the area affected put into a vat full of acid with electrical shocks. My pain is in my throat and left ear, and I have had three brain surgeries to no avail. Now the pain is on the left side of my face, sinus area, tongue, and I feel like a dragon blowing fire out of my left nostril. FENtTANYL IS NOT the strongest pain med, it just depends on what kind of pain you have. For nerve pain Methadone seems to be the best, but I refuse to increase my dosage anymore. So as for all pain meds the tolerance builds up, but I will have to wait as long as possible to increase mine ever. This will be a lifelong problem, and even with the Methadone, I still have triggers that it wouldn't matter what or how much pain meds I'd be on I'd still be feeling it. I was on a higher dose of the highest recommended, but it still didn't touch my pain. So many times I have wonder if the meds are making my pain worse, but I have other neurological symptoms that support otherwise, unfortunately, but I do agree that the pain meds can cause certain pain to become worse. As far as Suboxone you can get addicted to all of it! Good for you Carl to be able to go off all of that stuff! I have gone off for quite awhile, but the pain is so intense they ended up admitting me to the hospital to get a tube in my stomach since swallowing food, water, saliva was impossible. I ask myself all the time how long I would have to stay off pain meds to maybe be pain free but my neurosurgeon, neurologist, psych, internist, and pain specialist all say that unless I moved where it was always hot, maybe the desert, I'd have pain, it would just be worse w/o the meds. I tried all other types of meds first, then when we got to pain meds, they didn't touch it either. It seems to be cold weather and the change in the barometer, that has proven to us in my case to be my highest trigger. I live in the worst place for change in all that, the Ohio Valley, lol What began as burning pain spreading to my left ear, was when I awoke back in 2000 after having a hysterectomy due to precancerous cells. When the nurses asked me if I were in pain, I told them YES but it was in my throat and left ear. For the longest time I could tell all of the doctors locally and famous medical facilities I traveled to were diagnosing me by just grabbing a diagnosis out of a pot, lol until I got a break, found a doctor in Pittsburgh who had a name for my pain. BTW I worked for over twenty years as a nurse, which was so frustrating going such a long time w/o anyone figuring out a diagnosis. Now 14 years later I do some volunteering, and work only one or two days a week, OUTSIDE of the medical field. I changed my heart after being the patient, on the other side of the thing I did best everyday , it is and now is my turn I be a patient. There are many days I miss going into the hospital, missing caring for others and making them feel better. Just being a part of that made many of my days. The good days out weighed all of the bad stuff that is a part of medicine. I am now 55! I will definitely keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, prayer has been an amazing tool for my episodes, it is a form of meditation for me, but I am Christian and have witnessed prayer working its wonders!! God Bless you Carl and Byron! :)

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