Pins & Needles

Auds Says:

I have pins and needles in my hands and feet. When i carry bags it's even worse. I took Neuroboin for 3 months. Should i continue? I had my thyroid removed. Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Neurobion is just a multivitamin supplement that contains some nutrients that are believed to help with some nerve pain, but it isn't actually proven to do anything. In addition, if you are suffering from a condition that is causing continued nerve damage, nothing is going to be able to help, until the situation is rectified, if a solution exists.

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That said, such tingling usually results from some type of nerve damage, or pinched nerves.

Have you consulted a doctor so they can look into what's causing the problem?

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cappy Says:

You may have a neurological disorder. I would make an appointment at a teaching hospital to see a neurologist. You will be given a battery of tests to determine the cause and treatment for the symptom you described. I hope you have good health insurance coverage because an MRI is expensive.

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Susan Spain Says:

This sounds to me like Carpel Tendril Syndrome. If you are carrying heavy weights on a regular basis, , it won't stop until you stop doing what ever you are doing! You can be operated on, but apparently it may not work!

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danny Says:

pins and needles down my neck and arms and legs

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Spider Says:

I have pins and needles in my left thumb and finger as well as my arm, which is causing me concern. Please advise.

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john Says:

I've been experiencing pin and needles, tingling, burning sensations and fatigue. Which medicine should I use for relief? Would Nervicra help?

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