Pink Oxycodone 10mg

very concerned Says:

I have a friend that takes 24 pink percocets a day 720 pills a month an her doctor prescribed them to be taken like that can that harm her.

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David Says:

If this is what her doctor recommended for her, then I'd imagine she must be in some serious debilitating pain without it. However, what really concerns me about this doctor's approach is that each percocet tablet contains a minimum 325mgs of Acetaminophen. At the dosage she's taking in, that's an alarming 7,800mgs of Acetaminophen within 24hrs. Enough to cause some serious liver damage.

Her doctor may have ignored the warning label, but it's been clearly stated by the FDA as well as drug manufacturers NOT to exceed 4,000mgs of Acetaminophen within a 24hr period and NOT to exceed 1000mgs in a single dose. These numbers a far below what your friend takes, so I really hope you're able to convince her just how serious this could be if anything were to happen to her as a result of this. She might even want to talk to an attorney about being over prescribed something that doctors should know very well could potentially cause liver failure over time.

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Arod Says:

24 x 10mg is 240 mg daily, a fairly high dose. Won't really cause harm but will cause dependence and an increasing tolerance as percs are an opiate, one of the most physically addictive substances on Earth. Also if they are the 10mg pink perc you must be talking about the roxys which don't have any acetaminophen in them so I wouldn't listen to the first reply.

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cmpetr2k Says:

Yes as someone previously stated, these "little pink pills" are almost certainly 10mg Oxycodone pills with NO acetametaphin in them. If they are around 1/4" in diameter, perhaps a bit smaller, I am certain of this. Any combo pain med with NSAID's in them will always be a larger pill. However I think you should be aware that there are what I call "feel good doctors", all over the world, who are basically drug dealers using their medical profession as a front. In my opinion, based on the dosage your friend is perscribed and other things you've explained, I would be VERY concerned about the this doctors motives, could be wrong but I would check in to it.

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cmpetr2k Says:

Actually, with all due respect Arod, Roxicet do have acetaminophen in them. They are pink, but if the pills in question are small and round they are 10mg Oxycodone with no Acetametaphine.

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cmpetr2k Says:

Here is a link to pics of the 10mg oxy's I am prescribed: Pink 10 milligram oxycodone picture

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cmpetr2k Says:

Just Googled it, the maximum daily dose for oxycodone is 80 milligrams a day. if this doctor is giving him a ridiculously larger amount, in my opinion that proves that this doctor's motives are anything but legitimate.

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Blaine Says:

Not sure where this 80mg a day came from. I am prescribed 4 30mg roxicodone a day. My doctors are very careful. According to them we are allowed up to 6 30's a day but they save that for the cancer patients. And I live in Ga so I can't speak for any other states.

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very concerned Says:

She also takes somas, zanax,ambien an some depression medicine she had fibroids an blood cysts....I have tried to help her however it doesn't work now because I did talk her in to getting surgery she had to get off the percs..but now on norco 10. Her new doc was floored about the amount of highly addictive meds she was on all at once....

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Blaine Says:

Omg. Now that is horrible. That is scary. Yes it is some doctors out there that just deal drugs.

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Billy J Says:

According to the DEA no doctor is allowed to write no more then 240 pain pills a month of the same kind. They can write you a script of 240 percocets and then write you a script of 240 roxys, but they cannot write no more then that of the same kind and also the pharmacies are not allowed to fill no more then that in a month either of the same kind. Where i live a pharmacy got shut down for doing that.

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Rick Says:

I don't know and I'm not really questioning someone's integrity here either, but 24 10mg? I mean that high a dosage why not 30mg? I also get the pink 10mg, but it sure isn't 24!!! LoL. No it doesn't have any Tylenol in it.

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Nate Says:

Can you tell me name and city of that dr.?

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very concerned Says:

Thanks for all the info...she have since moved to arkansas.. in a suburb an she drives 5 hours to get pain meds..because the doctors there want to put her in pain management..I thought when she moved it would be better for her but.. now he mails her prescriptions to her as long as she comes down every 3 months for appointments and she is back on the percs. I just don't understand how this doctor can do this. Now her reason is a lump on her she is taking 240 pills a month, somas, ambient an hormones.. Can this combination of drugs do something to her...I want to help her but don't know what to do.

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Jrg Says:

Why would she have to get off Percs for
Surgery that makes no sense, especially since one usually needs pain meds after surgery to control related pain

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Tina Says:

I've been taking 10 mg of oxycodone. They were always pink. My regular pharmacy said they couldn't fill my prescription anymore because it's my drs office is 76 miles away. My husband's dr is 70 miles away and they fill his. I found a pharmacy after going to 20 different pharmacies.

Now I'm getting white 10 mg oxycodone and I don't feel the same effect. Is there a difference between the pink and the white? The DEA is making it impossible for people who are truly in need of pain medication. I live in Frostburg, MD and go all the way to Frederick, Md. Please help me

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