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Pat Says:

Dapricil was used for mentstural cramps in the 1960’s. Would like to know information about he content of the drug. It was a very long time ago. I remember feeling high when taking it and didn’t do much for the pain. Then dapricil was replaced by another similar pill the name was edricil. Not sure of the spelling.

Thank You

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Delores Says:

I used this drug when I got bad cramps during my cycle! Did not misuse it! When I took this drug
I actually functioned and concentrated so much better! Was able to get chores done and worked more efficiently! Was wondering what it was made of?

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Pat Says:

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Funny how we can remember this medication It never helped with my severe cramps but it was a mood lifter. Really useless. When Motrin Became available my prescription, that was the answer for me.

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