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Yolanna Boyer Says:
I understand there is a pill out that will cure certain or all cancers. It is call H-86.
I just got the information on my e-mail yesterday. I would like to know what it is, what it cures and what are the side effects.
Thank you.

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Verwon Says:
I'm sorry, Yolanna, but I was unable to find any information on this.

However, I can tell you that while some amazing breakthroughs have been made recently in cancer research and treatment, there is no pill medically and scientifically proven to cure all of them or anything of the sort.

What was the source of the email?

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Susanna Says:
Go to natural news and sign up you will get all the natural news and theer is a book u can get which will give u the info u want about h-86 and dbx-13 all kind of good info all you gotta do is sign up for their news at no cost, very interesting website

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Duane Says:
via mobile
I just watched a similar email and I get the impression H-86 was the author's code for the all natural cancer cure. I think they are trying to sell the free book Miracles from the Vault by getting subscribers. Once you have the book you can find out what H-86 is. That's how I interpreted it anyways. Seems like it could be worthwhile.

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patricia Says:
We got the same email. My sister had two upper left malignant breast tumors removed surgically by lumpectomy, then 6 weeks radiation, now tamoxifen for 5 years, oncologist visits for 5 more years. If H86 is better than tamoxifen, it needs to be approved by fda, and pharma needs to quit trying to steal patent through univ. in California. People need to be helped, and greed and corruption should back off. fed up with Oblamer and lies and doing wrong things all time.too. wonder if anyone bought book, and what think of it. 100 studies should expand if 92% success. much better than anything else. esoecially colon and pancreatic. stop 2nd cancers,too, they say. need more info. good luck all.

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Bill Says:
You are correct but a little known fact is that a medication called Mebendazole cures some types of cancer. It was actually found by accident that it cured some cancer. Mebendazole is used to kill the parasite Giardia. People with cancer that swam in lakes or streams or drank the water from them later had gastrointestinal issues. After going to the doctor and being examined it was found they had Giardia. Well, after the 30 day protocol of taking Mebendazole to kill the Giardia parasite the cancer patients went to their doctor for routine check up to see if their cancer was spreading and subsequently found that their cancer was completely gone! It was found that Mebendazole had destroyed the cancer. IF you study cancer you will find that many types are caused by parasites in the body. Each person on the planet has between 2-7 lbs of the little critters in them. Some parasites are in a symbiotic relationship with the body. They help to digest our food and break the nutrients down to levels that the body can utilize. The nutrients are then sent to the liver where it filters out the bad substances and sends them out of our bodies in our waste. The nutrients are sent to all the cells of the body where the cells use them for giving our bodies energy. The nutrients also provide the cells the energy to replicate themselves on a daily basis. However, in some cases especially in woman the cells to not replicate fully. That is, they do not get the full recipe to replicate as fully as each cell before at some point. This is due to Telemere length which basically is the "list" for the cells to replicate in full. When the Telemeres become short the cells do not replicate fully as part of the "recipe" is missing for it to do so. Telemere length shortens as the body ages. Therefore that is why older people get grey hair and more disease the older they get. Now the good news about ageing and Telemeres. It is possible to lengthen Telemeres with diet. Many types of foods lengthen Telemeres. In fact recent studies have shown that by lengthening the Telemeres a person ages backwards in appearance. Wrinkles eventually go away, natural hair color returns, skin becomes taught and smooth as if you were in your 20s and many types of disease are cured! Research the foods and
other means of lengthening your Telemeres for great looks and health.

Getting back to parasites as I did not want to forget to mention Telemeres and disease. Parasites cause cancer by entering the cell wall and then while there they
intercept the nutrients the liver sends to the cells (eating them and starving the cell) and then they emit their waste into the cell. The waste from the parasite is in the perfect environment for fungus to form. When fungus eventually forms due to a weak
immune system and the bodies inability to "flush" the waste out of the body due to poor diet and not drinking enough pure water you now have cancer. FUNGUS IS CANCER! Research it all. This is how the bad parasites cause some cancers. Woman who get cervical cancer can get rid of the parasites that cause this particular
cancer as 70% of the cases are caused by the parasites. They also cause breast cancer. Scientifically proven. Research it! Research how to get rid of parasites in the body and also how to maintain the correct level of good parasites that are in the gut.
The good parasites help maintain good health in so many ways. They are part of the immune system. Many types of disease are cured by getting the right balance of good parasites in the body. Research it all as I could write a book here but do not have room or time. Here is a starter..go to humaworm and cancertutor & earthclinic.com. Drinking 4 glasses of water 45 minutes before breakfast may cure every disease known to man! This statement was made by the Japanese Medical Society earlier this year. NOTE: Water hydrates the cells and helps to flush the waste from them as only water can do. ALSO, Pray over each glass of water as it is scientifically proven to change the properties when you do so. RESEARCH IT!Tell the water you love it in the prayer and to please help heal your disease. Believe and have faith that as you drink the water that as it enters your mouth you are healed! Visualize in your mind that you are already healed and be filled with joy and thankfulness. It works if you have the Desire, Faith and Belief that you have already manifested your own healing. Do it twice a day and just meditate on it for at least 5 minutes. Longer is better as you will see results much quicker IF you have the Desire, Faith, and Belief. You can manifest anything you desire in this way. Want more money ...meditate, visualize your desire as ALREADY being manifested in this world as you meditate. Have the Desire,Faith, and Belief. The stronger these 3 words are in your life the quicker you will manifest your desire. Whatever you desire in this world so long as it is for good you can manifest IF you are DILIGENT! Try it for a month and see what happens.

Best of health and have a blessed day!

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John Says:
H-86 is a code given to products promoted by HSI. I have looked up some codes and found they can be related to different items. the H-86 is actually an insulin antibody which has nothing to do with cancer but everything about diabetes. It is taken from a rabbit.

I use a product that contains many antibodies which contribute tremendous medical health improvements with one being the reduction or elimination of inflammation which is a major contributor to many autoimmune disorders. in my case the use of antibodies allowed my immune system to correct and heal osteo arthrits.

One of the other replies I read here was very interesting about parasites being a contributor to cancer. I've found parasites to be present and go undetected while causing many disorders. One person with parasites suffered from hepatitis and psoriasis. We realized he probably had parasites and after eliminating them both disorders ceased. These were hookworms that hid in the mucosal lining of the intestinal tract, often impossible to see even with an endoscopy.

Hopefully someone will post what the H-86 is this company is selling but i assure you it is probably a natural product, possibly an extract. I will say that all the information presented about the "bad" drugs in the presentation from HSI was factual. Cancer and many other autoimmune disorders have been defeated with natural methods because the source of the problem was eliminated.

The dandelion plant is great for natural healing and has been used for cancer. The root needs to be dried and only brush off the dirt leaving some behind which serves a medicinal purpose. It has to ground into a powder and taken a few times a day. the leaves also have great medicinal value and can be eaten in a salad.

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Mayusa Says:
Interested in knowing the medicine you have taken for your Auto-Immune Disorder (AID). I have a very rare disease which has the AID handicap, very little research has been done on it; hence, I have been on daily prednisone for over 10 yrs and if I do not take this, my brain becomes inflamed. It has traveled to my peripheral nerves, causing pain akin to Herpes Zoster, numbness along certain nerve pathways; bones and joints; my colon; my sinuses. I believe it was triggered/caused by DENGUE FEVER, caused by a parasite transmitted by an infected mosquito while I was living in the Tropics in 1981. My disease was only discovered accidentally after I had a gran-mal seizure. Today, I have been brought to a functional and manageable state, but this at a cost of more than 15 DIFFERENT TYPES of medicines and some which I take upto 5 times per day. This wk. I decided to leave my little paradise of a home ( nothing unisual), because I am having too many interruptions with the Activity of Normal Living

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John Says:
The product contains a large number of antibodies made from about 26 different pathogens. In the US only one company makes this as a resale product to the public. The company is a joint venture between Du Pont and con Agra. I spent months researching the products and use of antibodies in treatment of disorders. The results were amazing. It stimulates your own systems production of antibodies which helps to balance most of all physical and chemical functions. This is what reduces and in many cases eliminates inflammation causing pain.

I have used it for over 12 years. My primary reason was in 2001 to help with osteoarthritis in my shoulder. After six months the condition was healing and after a year back to normal. My alternative treatment would have been drugs and surgery.

I have a lot more information on the product and use of antibodies in general that should be of interest to you. To be effective I had to use it 3x a day for at least 3 months then down to 2x a day for about another 4 months. Honestly it was worth the cost to and effort not to have to use drugs and surgery.

here is a page with information on the product, inflammation and the results you can expect from using it: essentiality.net/health/I26.html

If you would like more information or have questions please contact me again and we'll arrange to discuss your question. This field of research on antibodies has been going on for decades so you can imagine the massive amount of documentation available on the subject. this product was named I26 hyperimmune egg after the number of pathogens and the delivery method, chicken eggs.

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franchesca Says:
It is not called BBh-86 anymore. It has been approved by the FDA and is call ipilimumab and is only available through injections by a doctor.

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Dixie Says:
Not to get sidetracked off of the subject at hand: H-86, but I think this is noteworthy. You are correct in stating that parasite infestation can cause cancer. I had cancer and then a few months later found out that I had a horrible parasite infestation. It wound up being much worse then I thought and I never even suspected that I had parasites. I even had the cysts in my liver. I started taking something called diatomaceous earth. I got mine from earthworkshealth but a friend of mine got hers from amazon. You can also buy it from vitamin/health food stores but it cost a LOT more. I took one tablespoon in a cup of water in the morning and another tablespoon in a cup of water in the evening. Four months later, I was completely parasite free. It has even helped with other ailments like my diabetes. It is more stabilized now. I just thought I would pass this valuable information along because most people have parasites and don't even know it. Even if you don't have parasites, there are so many other benefits of taking diatomaceous earth. Read up on it and decide for yourself. Best Wishes and Good Health!

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Mayusa Says:
@ John: what is the name of the product you use and where is it that I can find it at; I am referring to the one u started taking for osteoarthritis, which removes parasites from one's body. I would like to give it a try. Thank you!

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Sarita989 Says:
From a short research, I found that this is a fermented wheat germ product - it looks easy enough to make yourself! Here's what I saw:
H-86 is Avemar, and Avemar is fermented wheat germ extract.

Recipe for fermented wheat germ :
2 cups fresh raw wheat germ
1 ½ cups spring water
½ teaspoon of dry bakers yeast
Mix ingredients together in a glass bowl, cover and leave in warm place, about 85 degrees for 24 hours.

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marge Says:
I got the same e mail. With uncured able bone marrow cancer, I have found no treatment to cure it.

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MollieB Says:
Once the fermented wheat germ extract is made how often do you take it?

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Jack Says:
This is from Dr David Williams who writes the Alternatives newsletter.

How Avemar Helps Fight Cancer: drdavidwilliams.com/avemar-cancer

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Walt Says:
via mobile
This is such terrible advice, I mean really, visualize you don't have cancer and believe!? You have to be at the very least be significantly nieve, I mean really this is such bs and even prescribed that way it only works if u believe so if cancer actually does go away it is the water if it doesn't u don't believe wow talk about hokey

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