Pfizer / Vgr 220

Devon Says:

Pill in question is a diamond shape blue pill with pfizer on one side and VGR 220 on the other? I'm positive its viagra. My question is, is it 220 mg? Based on viagra pills, it makes sense since the mg are written on them.

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David Says:

This pill should theoretically be 220mgs, since they do have a track record of typically putting the dosage on the pill itself. But I don't believe that 220mg is part of the standard doses for this tablet. Was this dispensed by a licensed pharmacy? If not, it could be counterfeit.

For example:

Pfizer VGR 25 = Viagra 25mgs
Pfizer VGR 50 = Viagra 50mgs
Pfizer VGR 100 = Viagra 100mgs (NDC 0069-4220).

Pfizer VGR 100

Ref: DailyMed

They are all blue diamond shaped pills, which had me confused at first. But you can also verify this information on the manufacturer's contact page, linked below.

Manufacturer - Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals Group:

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Greg Says:

Is it safe to have Pfizer VGR 220? Or is this dosage fake because I never heard of 220 VGR. If this is authentic then I should cut the pill in half when taking them? Your help is really appreciated!! By the way, it does work wonders when I use it but I'm just making sure if 220 VGR is a real dosage. Thanks!! :)

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suhrowardi Says:

apakah pfizer 220 mg aman digunakan?
mohon petunjuk penggunaannya...

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Bigums Says:

Are these legitimate and safe?

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