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blue pill

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strotman Says:

can not find the mfg. of
pfiagara please advice i like to be safe

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Joe Says:

I think you might mean Viagra - It is a blue pill, manufactured by PFIZER.

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john strotman Says:

this drug is called pfiagara shipped to me from Indonesia, purchased onlinesupose to be a generic for viagra, trying to find date, but no replies?????

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Verwon Says:

Well finding much information is going to be very difficult, since this is a foreign medication and not approved for use in the US, it is not regulated like FDA approved medications are. The only thing I can suggest is trying to contact the place you ordered it from.

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Gaston Webb Says:

PFIAGARA is a generic form of Viagra manufactured by Uni-Sule Pvt Ltd in Sonepat India. They are a Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in that country. They most likely don't meet the specifications of our FDA here in the USA but they do ship their medication all over the world. You could probably do some research on the web to see how good their company is. They do also make a lot of medical surgical supplies. Hope this helps.

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Verwon Says:

Either way, no one will be able to be sure of the safety or efficacy since it is not regulated by the FDA and not approved for sale in the U.S.

Thus, even though they ship it here, it is illegal to obtain it and use it here in the US.

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Nick Says:

Seems to work, but not at brand name levels for me... Unfortunate risk.

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Roger McWilliams Says:

Took some Monday night and I am still very sick to my stomach. I fear there were some stabbing stomach pains. If this does not clear in a day, I will go to the MD and report back.

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Laurie Lewis Says:

I orderd PFIAGARA from a company in India called Uni-Sule Pvt.Ltd. 1/2 a tablet works just fine,no side effects,I think a whole 100 mg tab for someone my age(47) would be way too much.

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TBone Says:

I supposedly oredered the real Viagra from Canadianpharmacy online...what I recieved was Pfiagara mfg. by Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd. in Sonepal, India...have'nt taken any yet and really pissed that CanadianPharmacy sent me something I didnt order. They sell it as Viagra, so really no way to know until it arrives - which took more than 10 days. When calling them for order status - no returns and they never answer the phone number they provide.........................
Perhaps Roger took Too much or too many.....I hope Laurie is Male?

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HardlyHere Says:

Same experience as TBone.

Not sure if I should take it or not.

Can't see why they would bother to send anything dangerous.

I suppose it is possible that quality control is not up to snuff and some pills might contain different doses.

I also think that if the active ingredient is not exactly the same as Pfizer's viagra there may be side effects that are different than the original.

Is there another place to search for direct experience with this product?

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DaveyD Says:

I had same experience as Tbone and HardlyHere. In fact, I just picked up my package from post office. I was expecting it to come from Canadian Pharmacy.

Not sure if I should trust the meds?? Any advise or similar experiences?

BTW, I also ordered from KwikMed which is US based and require an online consult and that Viagra (re: REAL Viagra) works perfectly! You pay full price but I trust KwikMed. Not sure about CanadianPharm/Uni-Sule....

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Laurie Lewis Says:

LOL its my wifes e-mail addy, call me Lenny, the drug is working for me just fine,just a headache in the morning,same when I took Viagra

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Jason Says:

I too ordered from the Candian company. It took about 2 months for the Pfiagrara to arrive. I just took half a pill. Will let you know in the morning if it is the same. I too was pissed, but if you contact your credit card company and dispute the charge, you'll win. They didn't respond to credit card company's. Free $400 worth of meds!!

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john Says:

Tried it today, I usually half the pill & it tastes exactly as viagra. This is a good indication! Results are exactly like Viagra only it is weaker. So I suggest if you take 50mg Viagra, its equivallent to 100mg PFIAGARA. Awesome value,though, I'm happy!

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Ralph Says:

I, too, was rather pissed that the company porported to be a Canadian Pharmacy and then shipped meds from India. I got suspicious when there was no confirmation email sent; I called my credit card company to see if I had been scammed. The charges were there but not any more than I agreed to. I decided to wait and see if the meds would arrive. I ordered soft Cialis and got Tadalafil-Sanafi 20mg tablets. They threw in (4) free Pfiagara 100mg tablets. I'm still debating whether to try them or not...

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Verwon Says:

I would just like to toss in some more information here for everyone who may be ordering drugs from foreign or internet pharmacies without a prescription.

Many people are not aware of it, but this activity is ILLEGAL!

When you place these orders you run the risk of having customs seize these orders.

If you are lucky, the worst that happens is that they seize the order and send you a letter letting you know that this order was an illegal transaction, in which case you have no recourse and lose the money you spent to order.

Worst case scenario, you can get large fines and jail time, though in most instances they are more worried about large importers, rather than a single person ordering for personal use.

As I said above, it is illegal to order without a prescription, and to order meds from a foreign country that are not approved for sale in the U.S.

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William Says:

Hey Fellas , well I have used overseas viagra before and have had some pills that were very bad I think they came from great britan or brazil. However I just took a PFIAGARA that I bought online and was shipped from India. I normally will test any pill by chewing off just a small corner and dizolving it in my mouth and tonge to get a taste and to try to avoid a mishap. Well I didnt notice much effect after about 45 minutes from chewing/swallowing so that was my indication of little foul play.

I took the whole 100 mg and it slowly kicked in , and let me say this one has the lowest active side effects Ive ever had in a generic and it worked quite nicely. I am relived. - William - From Ohio

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Biff Says:

Well, just arrived in the mail. One was split in about 1/3. Took it. WOW!!!!! Didn't taste as sour as Viagra or other generics, but boy oh boy, did it kick in!!!! And fast, too - about 10 to 15 minutes! I'll definitely take the risk and order more.

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Bottleshock Says:

I received 14 100-mg Pfiagara pills that I ordered from Canadianpharmacy online. I just took one and I will report back on the effects.

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