Persivate Cream And Persivate Ointment

mel Says:

I was using persivate cream that made my skin a few shades lighter. Now I'm using persivate ointment and I want to know if it will make my skin lighter as well?

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lulu Says:

persivate ointment doesn't really enlighten skin, helps with rash and pimples. but it is not to be used for more than three to six months, it actually dangerous coz once u start using it u can't stop. I'm using the persivate ointment but it won't let me stop using and try other products, so I'll be soon visiting a dermatologist coz now my skin is sensitive to everything.

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Nony Says:

Ive been using this persivate ointment for 6 years please i want to stop i used it for eczema now have dark sircle round my eyes help please

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David Says:

Hi Nony,

If you wish to stop using Persivate ointment, no one is forcing you to continue(?)- I hope... Have you considered visiting a local dermatologist? A dermatologist can evaluate the condition of your skin in person and then offer appropriate recommendations from there as far as future treatment is concerned. Eczema and dark circles have been known to heal over time, so please don't give up even though the journey to better skin may seem infinite. Diet can also play a role in how quickly your skin cells rejuvenate.

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pretty Says:

I've been using persivate cream and persivate ointment for two years. Now my face has a rash and it is itching.

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PB Says:

I dont recomend it to anyone, I used percivate for two weeks. I am trying to stop but I have pimples that are starting in my right hand side of my face.
1 day without it, it damaging my face. If you are thinking of starting to use it. Dont

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Walooo Says:

Good day, my daughter is 1 year 8 months now, since she was like 3 months her Dr advised me to start mixing her body creams with persivate cream coz she just randomly develop rush on her tummy and face, whenever I stop using the mixture on her, rush comes back x10, what should I use on her than persivate? Thanks

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kg Says:

Re: PB (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

so what are you using now?

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MV Says:

Can I use Persivate for a staph infection in my nose?

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Shantel Says:

Re: PB (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Persivate is not for your face you should never apply it on your face it makes it worse

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