Persivate Cream

tede Says:

I have been using persivate cream for 2 years face skin looks so nice, no more dry skin or itchy. But now I want to stop using it, cause I don't want to have skin problem in future. Please help what can I use now.

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Nolly Says:

High!ive been using persivate since i dont remember,now i quited it,my skin looks like ive been burned n m having dark rough paches,what can i use to remove all this?

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TBP Says:

I HV a big dark sports in !my face I don't what to use to remove it I'm scared even to walk around the streets people are looking at me and others laugh please help

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pitsa Says:

I also have been using persivate and stopped ,I also developed a very bad ichy rash and dark marks .pls what can I do to repair my face.

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Hely Says:

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I also have
the same problem I've tried many things my skin is so Sensitive now even to dust n Sun rays I'm so frustrated I decided to use topivate again it's clearing my face of da dark dead skin but afraid of how long is it gonna help?

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mavis Says:

I have used persivate cream as a teenager for short period. Do you think that is the reason why I have dark skin on my face now at thirty?

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