Percocet/oxycodone M523 10/325

Koatom00723 Says:

Hello all,

First off I'm new to posting here and I must admit this is probably a topic that is quite frequent and I have done days searching but can't seem to really find any info on my specific situation. I apologize in advance for the long post but I will introduce myself and situation.

I've been on oxycodone 10/325 for a little over a year now from a botched foot surgery and diabetic neuropathy in this same foot. It helps tremendously and seems to be the only relief I can get is from taking these. Whether its first thing in the morning to be able to stand up and get moving or whether it's to let me settle down and drift off to sleep which is something fairly hard to do. I also was recently diagnosed with PTSD from my job and I am currently out of work for this. It is not fun. The oxycodone also seems to just ease my mind as well as my pain and its honestly the only thing I've taken that helps with both.

I am under the care of a pain management doctor which I've been seeing since August 2015. My script is 90 for 30 days (3 a day). I try my best to stick to this as it is the dosage I'm required to abide by.. But at times I find myself taking 1-2 more a day than the normal 3 a day I'm supposed to take. Thus, resulting in my script "running out" early. So I turn to other means and each time it's usually something different. Nothing other than oxy but just different milligrams (sometimes 5s) and most of the time it's different manufacturers (sometimes it's pink only oxy no acetaminophen, sometimes yellow Vs and sometimes white IPs).

This last time I was given white ones with m523 on one side and 10/325 on the other. I became suspicious right away. After further examining them they also look rather "beat up" almost as if they were in someone's pocket for 2-3 days or drug across the ground. All the writing on them is lined up properly on each one and well centered. They seem very light weight. Almost like a hollow capsule would feel. Very chalky looking although there is a slight glaze on them in the light but nothing like the glaze that mine from the pharmacy have on them. And also you can very easily "chip" the pill with your fingernail and easily rub off the writing with your fingernail as well. And they dissolve into a chalky paste very quickly almost instantly as soon as they hit your tongue.

Which leads me to the next point.. Yes, I did take one. I noticed nothing different than normal for the first 20-30 minutes which is usually when the rush hits me. It felt like oxy. It was very short lived. All feeling was gone well within the hour and I was left extremely thirsty with an odd dry taste in my mouth and a dull but worsening pressure headache in the back of my head. Felt kind of odd. Not as I usually feel anyway. Kind of dizzy and couldn't really focus or bring myself to do anything. Was very sleepy actually and I felt as if I may throw up.

Anyways, this was my experience in a nutshell. I know a press for this particular pill can be purchased on on the internet for 150 bucks. I'm really on the edge about these. I feel like it could go either way I guess but I'm still suspicious. Like I said, I definitely got the "oxy Rush" that I'm so used to.. But is this something that can also be achieved with someone cutting these pills with fentanyl or xanxax or something else?? Im not taking anymore. I know the above aforementioned can easily kill and that's not something I'm going to play around with. Well I guess I covered everything that I wanted to cover.. And I do have pictures of these if you can even post them here and if I can figure out how.

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Jerel Says:

Yes my brother was dispensed these pills he was suspicious as well. Although I broke the pill in half and it compared it to a different brand..they both had little crystals in them which made it seemed real BUT take a look at the the 10/325 side is it a "1" or a "l"??

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Koatom00723 Says:

Thanks for the reply. It's definitely a 1 on the ones I have.. Doing a search online it alleges Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of this particular pill. I'm just also confused about seeing the dosage on the pill itself (i.e.. 10/325) as that is something I've never seen before. Oh well, doesn't matter at this point anyway because I've discarded of them. Whether they were real or not.. Guess that was the right thing to do. Thanks

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David Says:

There's at least 20 threads here asking this same type of question and it boggles my mind how people are willing to risk their health, well-being, and even their life for what may be poison. I don't mean to lecture but when you see so many posts of this nature and everyone is clueless about what they're putting in their bodies it just wreaks of ignorance (for lack of a better word). If there's a true medical necessity for a higher dose or quantity and your honest with your doctor about your habit I'm sure s/he would have no problem prescribing what is needed. Don't become a statistic by taking unknown substances. I only wish the very best for anyone who's truly in chronic pain. It's the addicts and those who abuse the system that made these substances as regulated as they are to begin with.

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Koatom00723 Says:

Exactly the post I was expecting and why I did not want to post here to begin with. But I did anyway and am now being scorned. Have nothing better to do? Don't you think if there were "20 threads here" asking the same question then perhaps I would not have posted asking mine? Do you scorn the other 20 posters as well? I mean come on now. What's the point in even posting something like that? Are you supposed to be my new doctor now? New therapist? Am I supposed to bow down to you because you know all the answers? Did you even read the thread? I said I could not find an answer to my specific question.. Otherwise I would not have posted. It's not rocket science. I come here asking a question and I guess I found it. Really who knows right? In my original post which was apparently edited out I stated that my doctor is not ready to "up my script" after immense discussion with them. But I guess you can up it now being my new doctor, right? I also clearly stated that i will NOT take any more of these. And who are you to judge whether or whether not I have "true" chronic pain? Don't hide behind that bs. Do you even know what chronic pain is?

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Koatom00723 Says:

And believe me.. You're not lecturing me. So please don't flatter yourself with that. You say if I'm honest with my doctor about my habit?? So forget about the medical problems, right? Then you say that it's tough to get already due to it being so regulated because of abusers. Perhaps this is why I do what I have to do sometimes. You contradict yourself there. If only you knew. You have no idea what I have wrong with me medically and what I go through. And how many doctors I have seen and still see on a monthly basis for my conditions which I cannot help and are unwanted but unfortunately I have them. I'm not "doctor shopping for pills" either. I have many accompanying conditions. What boggles me is the ignorance you have. I appreciate your judgemental reply though.

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David Says:


RE: "I come here asking a question and I guess I found it. Really who knows right?"

That's exactly my point. The fact is you're risking your life in the process by not knowing if it's poison or otherwise (even after stating that you took it)…Tell me, what reader wouldn't be concerned by this? We should all be looking out for each others safety, but hey, I don't blame you at all for getting defensive.

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Koatom00723 Says:

Hey I have no hard feelings. It is what it is. The way I come off defensive is due to me having the ability to utilize this website and simply ask a question or share related or unrelated experiences and then get basically thrown into the seeker/addict/fake pain category. But I guess that's the vibe that can be taken from the thread.. That is why I started MY thread with MY experience. Was it stupid and down right dangerous to take it.. Yes. Is it stupid to obtain them other than the pharmacy.. You could definitely say yes. I agree. It just sucks living with what all of this combined has turned me into. I have CRPS in my foot from a surgery that should have never even been done on my foot to begin with.. But was told I should do/need it and I did it. It sucks.. When I say I take the oxycodone to be able to get moving i mean it literally. I take it to be able to have any moviability or at least to dull the pain so I can walk. I can't even put a sock on due to constant swelling and burning. The oxycodone definitely helps. I mean it's nothing other than the truth. 3 a day just was not cutting it for me especially when I was working. My doctor is so damn busy he schedules me for every other month and rushes me in and out as quickly as his staff can. Just wish he'd up the dosage or either give me a extended release medication then that way I wouldn't have to take so many instant release medication. And I think we can all agree that anyone who takes this for any extended amount of time for a chronic injury/illness that you are going to get addicted to the medication whether it's intentional or not. It's just how you deal with it I suppose. But I just wanted to ask that question about the pill that I had.. And I do value your viewpoint. I have no other reason to be sitting here typing all of this. Thank you.

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David Says:

Thank you for leaving such a personable/detailed response. And please do forgive me if I had come off with the wrong approach. It's quite an easy thing to do when you're not actually face to face with someone. I feel for so many patients who are stuck in these binding situations with their doctors who are reluctant to even lend one helping hand, especially when they can see that several lines of support may be needed. I understand that in this context patients in pain need to do whatever they must to function and it puts honest people like yourself in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to filling the gap from less than adequate treatment. I just hope someday you'll be able to find a safer and effective means to relief when the doctor falls short.

Kind regards

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Donny Says:

Put the pill in your mouth if it straight desolvses into a chalk like substance its fake. If you bight it in three little pieces and let it sit in your mouth for five six seconds and if all the pieces are still solid " keep in mind that there going to be a little smaller pieces because your spit is starting to desolve them" but they don't besolve all the way in yupr mouth , thats when you know there real. If they desolve as sson as soon bite into it and spit hits it . Its fake , if they stay solid they're real just looking out

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The Dude Says:

I had the same problem on my end! I have been on pain medication for 6 years for major back and leg issues. I got some of the M523 pills and besides looking legit they clearly were not! I felt awful after taking them(like u said more of a xanax feeling than a oxycodone feeling) I had 20 of them and threw them all out right away! Those fakes going around must have fentanyl and a whole bunch of other crap in it! Be careful!!! Super Dangerous!!!!

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Old number 7 Says:

People that can afford to judge, always will. When someone unqualified, or has not had the same experience in any given subject ie, unyielding chronic pain it's easy to give popular "everyone's an addict" answer. Sorry to hear about your pain, & wish I had a answer for you. In had a sort of relatable question. I won't ask now because of a troll that obviously had some kind of a "druggies" question, or wouldn't have been directed here.

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Juicy Says:

I agree with you.I am very iffy about them but as well. People do anything for a dollar these days.they say look for the crystals inside of any perk or norco the shine and how the imprint is.

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Koatom00723 Says:

Thanks for the replies to everyone who has responded!

Since I posted the original post, I have gained some more knowledge on these particular oxycodone pills. I have conferred with several other people in my own town about these pills and it has led me to find out the following:

These are actual generic oxycodone pills that are actually currently being dispensed by a 'big name store/pharmacy' in my area. (This was the main thing I was on the fence about because I had just never seen these before and it caught me off guard that the actual miligram was listed on the pill itself "10/325".)

A few people I talked to told me they actually get prescribed these and prefer these over any other generic oxycodone. And they also agree that this pill is very "chalky" in texture and mouthfeel.

Several people have mentioned the "imprint of the 1" on this pill and if the 1 has the "hook" at the top or is it just a straight line. Everyone of these pills that I have personally seen do in fact have that "hook" on the 1.

Mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals makes these particular pills.

In conclusion, this has all been everything I have been able to find out about these pills. I believe I have mentioned it all.

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Nancy Says:

I think UR pills are real Cuz I have gotten those w the 10/325 on the one side ftom Walmart. They don't seem that great but even though they claim the diff pharmaceutical companies have to put the same amount of medication in the ones ftom this comp at seem weak.

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Nae Nae Says:

I would like to thank koatom00723 for his post. It was very informational. I too have been in chronic pain for the past 5 + years. I have chronic pain in both my knees bone on bone. The clinic I go to is full of quacks. But I am forced to go there bcuz I have no money to go anywhere else. Its a long story. But it comes down to me having to buy pain pills through other means. I trust nobody so I look up all pain pills I get. I am anything but an addict. I cry all the time bcuz the pain is bad and in the cold months I'm pretty much bed ridden. And there is no financial way I can get my knees replaced. It would be nice if I could go back to enjoying my life. If I stand more than 5 minutes I'm in tears bcuz of the pain. I just pray some day that all who suffer with chronic pain can get a lasting relief. Thank you.

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Bangbang0000 Says:

Are you a narcotics taker? For you to jump on this post and judge and lecture must mean your against narcotics by the way you ranted on!?

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Hot mama Says:

I heard that they are making those pills overseas n bringing them into our country and selling them for $2, then the people will sell them for $10 as tho they're real. My friend took 22 and had to go to the hospital. It's just a shame. I have 4 major physical problems, one which i might die from one day. I see a pain doctor just to function. I am blessed they give me what i need but i understand the stand point of the doctors, this is where the majority of opiate addicts began on perks. With that be blessed and change doctors and believe in the process.

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Cooper Says:

Don't think post was well being judgemental just seemed concerned. If you Dr does not feel you need more than 3 a day or a higher dose its always a huge red flag when you get them else where and not follow your Drs advice. Have to keep it real.

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slim Says:

The fact that you yourself stated that you have and get a rush and are taking more than what your being prescribed it is called abuse your an addict and until you can admit it you'll always have a problem, you are using that fact that you have chronic pain as an excuse to abuse pills and it's people like you that make it hard for others who need pain management and DR's.

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slim Says:

BTW there is a huge diffrece between being dependent on pain medication and an addiction and if your Dr isn't uping your amount per day there is a reason but you do know you only get one liver and continued overuse of that medication leads to liver damage

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