Paracetamol With Combination Of B1, B6 And B12 1000 Mg


i am looking for a paracetamol with combination of b1, b6 & b12 1000 mg. that can cure my arms numbness

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To my knowledge, there is no Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) + B-vitamin combination on the market. But you could just as easily buy these two things separately over-the-counter at your local pharmacy.

Is the arm numbness due to a pinched nerve or something?

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I dunno if there in your country you have dolo-neurobion.its a combination of paracetamol +b1+b6+b12

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I was diagnosed of osteoarthritis and my doctor prescribe me with pregabalin lyrica with tramadol but it didn't work for me and the pain was still severe. Now she prescribe me a new medication with is B12 500mg,well it helps but the numbness in my arm still remain. Let me ask you would it be possible to combine higher dose of B12 with pregabalin or with 600mg paracetamol 2x a day? Please help I am 50 years old and been suffering for 3months of OA thank you!!

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I have this numbness in my both arms and fingers for a 3 years and i take diferent kind of vits B complex, but i still have the numbness. I want to know if this Vits will cure? I dont have fever, highblood, diabetis. Just the numbness and a backpain when i laid long im bed..

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