Pantoprazole 40mg Pain On Right Side And Back Also (Top voted first)

gogewi Says:

I have been taking pantoprazole 40mg for almost 3 months now and while it helped my abdominal pain after 1 month of use the symptoms are now returning in a milder form. I experience sharp pain in my upper left side ( stomach area), gas and hunger pains that are normally relieved by eating. Lately, the discomfort can be felt on the right side slightly also and in my left side and back. What is going on? Shouldn't the medication help this?

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Verwon Says:

Pantoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that reduces the amount of acid produced by the stomach, so it can help treat or prevent conditions such as ulcers, GERD, heartburn and gastritis.

But it can cause stomach pain and bloating as side effects, so that may be what's causing your problem. Alternatively, you may have something else going on and may need further examination by your doctor.

Did they do any type of testing?

You can learn more Pantoprazole details here.

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gogewi Says:

No, my doctor diagnosed me by physical examination and my symptoms alone. The medication did help after a month of taking it but every symptom returned when I forgot it for two days ( I was visiting a friend and forgot to bring it with me). Now the symptoms are lessening but not gone and my side and back hurts on the left also. I have always had a strong stomach until now. It is really nasty.

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BNL Says:

Bloated feeling just above the naval area. Is there something I could take for relief? feels like balloon when you are blowing it up.

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