Pain Patch Overlay

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It is an overlay to put over the pain patch to keep it from coming off.

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Verwon Says:

I don't remember what these are called, however, I have heard of some people also having success just using small pieces of medical tape.

Have you tried asking if one of your local pharmacies carry them?


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TommyB Says:

It's called Tegaderm .... use can use any breathable waterproof cover.

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ladagosta Says:

can you tell me is this safe for people who have latex allergies? i tend to have horrible rashes from the duragesic patches and they never stick always falling off.. or sticking to something esle if i use medical tape i get horrible red burns on my arm.. even worse than the duragesic patches cause. so if these films work to hold them in place and do not cause more redness and burning than medical tape i may give them a try

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jencat824 Says:

You can use either Bioclusive covers (made by Systagenix) or Tegaderm Film (made by 3M). I've use both and they are very effective.

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